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severak 22.7.2024 23:48:43

#120 INVCEL | Reply All

How a shy, queer Canadian woman accidentally invented one of the internet’s most toxic male communities.

severak 17.7.2024 16:55:36

Important Women in CS Who Aren't Grace Hopper

I’m tired of hearing about Grace Hopper, Margaret Hamilton, and Ada Lovelace. Can’t we think of someone else for once? I went ahead and compiled a bunch of really important women according to some fairly arbitrary rules: There’s a specific thing you can point to and say “That. That’s their contribution.” This leaves out a lot of really qualified people who made lots of general contributions, but I wanted to keep this list fixed on soundbites.

severak 9.7.2024 15:51:10

The War on Estonian Forests

Originally published in Estonian World on 11 April 2022. It’s a cold spring morning and I’m watching a tour guide in the Old Town of Tallinn. With her back to a park built on a city block destroyed in World War 2 and facing a set of mediæval buildings not far from the old town square, head in a warm beanie, she’s explaining Estonia to a group of cruise ship tourists.

severak 18.6.2024 10:37:21

Why Self-Checkout Is and Has Always Been the Worst

Automation is often presented as an inexorably advancing force, whether it’s ushering in a threat to jobs or a promise of increased leisure or larger profits. We’re made to imagine the robots rising, increasingly mechanized systems of production, more streamlined modes of everyday living. But the truth is that…

severak 30.5.2024 16:07:45

The Naughty Words the FAA Removed From the Sky

New FOIA records from the FAA shed light on the frantic effort in 2015 to rename navigation waypoints related to Donald Trump and reveal the list of naughty waypoint names that were changed over the years.

severak 19.5.2024 23:11:32

El Pueblo Unido: This song accompanies the protests in Chile


severak 9.5.2024 12:35:26

Petra Dvořáková: Měli se víc snažit. Česká společnost je k příčinám úspěchu populistů lhostejná

Podpora populistů v důsledku asociální politiky české pravicové vlády roste. Liberálové vyzývají k efektivnějšímu boji s dezinformacemi, levice dál chřadne či s fašizujícími proudy sama koketuje. A migrantofobie je už dávno mainstreamem.

severak 8.5.2024 15:39:23

Why were so many metro stations in Moscow renamed?

Okhotny Ryad holds the record for the most different names, having changed names four times over the years.

severak 7.5.2024 14:01:52

How are zlib, gzip and zip related? What do they have in common and how are they different?

The compression algorithm used in zlib is essentially the same as that in gzip and zip. What are gzip and zip? How are they different and how are they same?

severak 30.4.2024 16:29:22

Jan Marsalek an Agent for Russia? The Double Life of the former Wirecard Executive

Since the collapse of Wirecard, Jan Marsalek has been on the run and is one of the most wanted men in the world. A DER SPIEGEL investigation has revealed how he went underground and that he's a Russian spy.

severak 18.4.2024 16:23:03

“If we didn't join the armed forces, the left in Ukraine would cease to exist,” says Taras Bilous - Europe Solidaire Sans Frontières

Taras Bilous is a Ukrainian historian and essayist who has served in the Ukrainian army since the beginning of the Russian aggression. He is (...)

severak 18.4.2024 15:33:09

The invisible seafaring industry that keeps the internet afloat

How one crew risked radiation, storms, and currents to save Japan from digital isolation.

severak 16.4.2024 17:02:35

Gen Z and Financial Nihilism

is it really different this time?

severak 16.4.2024 10:10:59

12 Map Happenings that Rocked our World: Part 9


severak 26.2.2024 20:19:20

This is not a good way to fight racism in America

Building a multiracial society is hard work. Don't be tempted by shortcuts.

severak 26.2.2024 19:20:08

Gemini and Google’s Culture

The Google Gemini fiasco shows that the biggest challenge for Google in AI is not business model but rather company culture; change is needed from the top down.

severak 3.2.2024 18:12:50

Pod čarou: Z mužství se stal politický názor. V generaci Z roste trhlina - Seznam Zprávy

Naše politické názory vždy utvářela řada vlivů. Politický kompas generace Z ale začíná výrazně ovlivňovat i pohlaví a dnešní Pod čarou proto zkoumá, proč se mezi mladými muži a ženami začíná vytvářet příkop nejen u volebních uren.

severak 29.1.2024 22:31:40

Sorry EV haters, big ship fire probably wasn't caused by electric cars


severak 5.1.2024 00:26:35

Morning Sun | The East is Red

This site contains information, images, texts, video clips, links on China's Cultural Revolution.

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