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severak 17.9.2023 10:55:21

Pod čarou: Historie se neopakuje. Seriály i učebnice na to někdy zapomínají - Seznam Zprávy

Při sledování historických filmů občas zažíváme pocit, že naši předkové byli stejní jako my. Mnohem důležitější je ale zdůrazňovat, jak bývaly různé historické etapy až nepříjemně odcizené našemu myšlení a hodnotám.

severak 15.9.2023 13:05:01

The AI Detection Arms Race Is On

And college students are developing the weapons, quickly building tools that identify AI-generated text—and tools to evade detection. 

severak 12.9.2023 00:39:16

Some notes about the UK air traffic control meltdown

severak 7.9.2023 20:38:10

Concerning the brilliance of Togawa Jun

This is an extension to Sunday's entry about Hosono-tinged 80s Japanese pop; in a late comment, Mario Campos said I should have included Jun Togawa , the extraordinary, zany 80s diva who's like Catherine Ringer from Les Rita Mitsouko, Cindy Lauper, Nina Hagen, Hanayo and Bjork all rolled into one.…

severak 30.8.2023 09:57:14

How easy is it to paralyze the Polish railroad? Let's find out!

In recent days, there has been a peculiar "trend" of emergency stopping of trains using radio-stop signals. Not for the first time and probably not for the last, but this time the situation is interesting in that there is an ongoing war abroad, and various politicians are trying to "connect" themselves to these actions with their speeches, often speaking untruthfully. So, let's see what the reality is. I just woke up from hibernation... What actually happened? In the past few days, "someone" maliciously caused…

severak 30.8.2023 01:14:40

The Mystery of Chernobyl’s Post-Invasion Radiation Spikes

Soon after Russian troops invaded Ukraine in February 2022, sensors in the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone reported radiation spikes. A researcher now believes he’s found evidence the data was manipulated.

severak 17.3.2023 12:00:50

Something Pretty Right: A History of Visual Basic | Retool

How Visual Basic became the world’s most dominant programming environment, its sudden fall from grace, and why its influence is still shaping the future of software development.

severak 14.3.2023 17:13:04

Josef Charvát a jeho doba

Čtvrtek, 12. března 1953 Včera jsem měl v poledne pavlovovský seminář. Celkem je to všecko nekonečně nudné. Už mi několikátý rok dokazují, že...

severak 3.3.2023 13:03:28

What drum machines can teach us about artificial intelligence | Aeon Essays

As AI drum machines embrace humanising imperfections, what does this mean for ‘real’ drummers and the soul of music?

severak 7.2.2023 13:29:14


Titivillus was a demon said to work on behalf of Belphegor, Lucifer or Satan to introduce errors into the work of scribes. The first reference to Titivillus by name occurred in Tractatus de Penitentia, c. 1285, by Johannes Galensis (John of Wales). Attribution has also been given to Caesarius of Heisterbach. Titivillus has also been described as collecting idle chat that occurs during church service, and mispronounced, mumbled or skipped words of the service, to take to Hell to be counted against the offenders. He has been called the "patron demon of scribes", as Titivillus provides an easy excuse for the errors that are bound to creep into manuscripts as they are copied.Marc Drogin noted in his instructional manual, Medieval Calligraphy: Its History and Technique (1980), that "for the past half-century every edition of The Oxford English Dictionary has listed an incorrect page reference for, of all things, a footnote on the earliest mention of Titivillus." Titivillus gained a broader role as a subversive figure of physical comedy, with satirical commentary on human vanities...

severak 3.2.2023 01:55:43

Toolbox — Beautiful Trouble

Dive into the Beautiful Trouble toolbox, an interconnected web of ideas and creative best practices that puts the power of organizing for social change in your hands. Start anywhere and explore…

severak 31.1.2023 09:50:15

Proč Rusové vyvolali globální hysterii z jaderné války? Nejspíš jen potřebovali vyklidit Cherson - VOXPOT


severak 27.1.2023 15:55:35

The Mystery of the Dune Font

Putting a name to the typeface that defined the visual identity of the science fiction series and its author, Frank Herbert

severak 26.1.2023 13:41:19

Arseny Avraamov - Monoskop

Wiki for Arts and Studies

severak 19.1.2023 00:31:12

Když uši slyší, co slyšet chtějí. Babišův údajný výrok pohledem forenzního fonetika -

Fonetická analýza dokáže odhalit, co bylo řečeno i na poměrně nekvalitní nahrávce. Někdy je správné určení obsahu promluvy otázkou téměř života a smrti.

severak 16.1.2023 17:22:26

„Já říkám jen pravdu.“ Babiš proměnil tiskovou konferenci v ohňostroj výmyslů. Ověřili jsme je

Já chci říct, že jsem slíbil, že povedu kampaň slušně. A taky jsem ji vedl slušně.

severak 30.11.2022 11:45:09

Three Months of Insurrection

In the following timeline and interview, an anarchist collective in Hong Kong presents a complete overview of the months-long uprising, reviewing its achievements, identifying its limits, celebrati...

severak 13.11.2022 14:00:48

Is This the Most Crowded Island in the World? (And Why That Question Matters) - Longreads


severak 26.7.2022 22:49:33

Hispaniola's Great Divergence

Why are Haiti and the DR so different?

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