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severak 19.2.2020 23:49:16

Mahna Mahna at 50: fascinating facts about the unforgettable Muppets song | CBC Radio

The Muppets made it famous, but where did the song come from? (Hint: a steamy Italian film...) Who performed it? And who is that fuzzy fella?

severak 19.2.2020 12:17:07

Návrat mariánského sloupu do centra Prahy: Obnova důležité památky, nebo absurdně česká záležitost?

Na Staroměstském náměstí v Praze začala růst replika mariánského sloupu. Obnova barokního památníku oživila spor, který česká společnost vede už stovky let. Proč sloup vyvolává i dnes vyhrocené emoce?

severak 14.2.2020 15:55:12

Winamp’s woes: How the greatest MP3 player undid itself

15 years on, Winamp "still lives"—but mismanagement blunted its llama-whipping.

severak 13.2.2020 14:55:04

'Bless the chaos': La Movida Madrileña, Spain's seedy, wild post-Franco underground

Formed after a free punk concert in 1980, an influential collection of musicians, artists and film-makers including Pedro Almodavar exploded punk counterculture in Madrid – and changed their nation for ever

severak 1.2.2020 20:58:22

A Communist LSD Trip - Przekrój Magazine

In the 1960s, LSD was legally available across Czechoslovakia. A writer recounts the story of how a communist state became the leading manufacturer of a psychedelic drug.

severak 25.1.2020 19:44:50

Today, the Trident Era Ends

About the rise and fall of Microsoft's take on the web.

severak 19.1.2020 01:09:11

“Princess Qajar” and the Problem with Junk History Memes

Focusing on women’s appearance is an insidious way of shifting the narrative.

severak 16.1.2020 23:37:41

Almost Everything in “Dr. Strangelove” Was True

How Stanley Kubrick’s film “Dr. Strangelove” exposed dangers inherent in nuclear command-and-control systems.

severak 16.1.2020 15:46:02

Fairchild, Fairchildren, and the Family Tree of Silicon Valley


severak 3.1.2020 02:51:51

‘Jodorowsky’s Dune’ Director Frank Pavich on 2,000 Defecating Extras and How ‘Dune’ Became Part of the Cosmic Consciousness


severak 1.1.2020 16:32:26

The rise and fall of Cannon Films

At its 80s peak, production company Cannon Films was putting out more than a dozen movies per year. So what went wrong? Ryan takes a look...

severak 19.12.2019 15:59:28

Jennifer in paradise: the story of the first Photoshopped image

One holiday snap has been manipulated thousands of times on thousands of computers. Gordon Comstock on how a woman on a beach in Bora Bora taught the world to tinker with pictures

severak 12.12.2019 16:23:55

lom Borek potopení autobusu

lom Borek potopení autobusu

severak 5.12.2019 14:44:03

Occultist father of rocketry 'written out' of Nasa's history

Jack Parsons was a founding member of Nasa's Jet Propulsion Lab, with some calling him one of the 'fathers of rocketry', but you won't find much about him on Nasa's websites

severak 3.12.2019 11:44:08

Aldous Huxley Foresaw America’s Pill-Popping Addiction with Eerie Accuracy


severak 3.12.2019 11:20:37

30 years after the ‘Western HIV plague’ hit, this tiny community is still coming to terms with the devastation and lost children

World Aids Day 2019: In 1988, a children's hospital in the provincial town of Elista became the epicentre of the Soviet Union's first ever HIV crisis. A total of over 270 children were eventually diagnosed with the virus– but for the families it was only the start of a savage injustice, writes Oliver Carroll

severak 28.11.2019 10:36:01

The Woe of the Vanquished

Impressive and almost unknown memorials to the fallen German soldiers documented by photographer Vova Pomortzeff.

severak 28.11.2019 10:13:42

Pražské hroby vlasovců

Ilustrovaný průvodce místy posledního odpočinku vojáků armády generála Vlasova na hřbitovech v Praze a nejbližším okolí.

severak 27.11.2019 11:31:14

Patient Zero of the selfie age: Why JenniCam abandoned her digital life

JENNIFER Ringley was the first person to broadcast her life online.

severak 26.11.2019 17:09:05

Big Calculator: How Texas Instruments Monopolized Math Class

These $100 calculators have been required in classrooms for more than twenty years, as students and teachers still struggle to afford them

severak 25.11.2019 09:54:27

Smooth operator: Steadicam inventor Garrett Brown


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