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severak 5.10.2019 17:23:27

Teefax: Raspberry Pi Teletext


severak 29.9.2019 19:18:32

Remembering the sounds of Casio VL-1, a pocket calculator with chiming noises


severak 29.9.2019 15:41:43

The Father of the Digital Synthesizer

After being ousted from Stanford University in the 1960s for fiddling around with computers too much, composition professor Dr. John Chowning changed the course of music history.

severak 26.9.2019 21:11:11

Na cizí pas přes železnou oponu. Čecha dostala na svobodu jednoduchá finta


severak 19.9.2019 10:31:05

Lost in Translation

Writing treaties in two languages can lead to unexpected problems.

severak 16.9.2019 09:31:55

The car that destroyed Nazis

More high-ranking Nazi officers were killed in Tatra-manufactured cars than in active combat

severak 11.9.2019 12:44:23

Nahrávka z klíčové porady TV Prima k uprchlíkům: „Vedení televize má názor a vy ho budete respektovat.“


severak 11.9.2019 10:24:02

The CIA and KGB Both Tried to Blackmail This World Leader With Sex Tapes

One had a real video, the other decided to make a fake

severak 7.9.2019 08:52:04

From mind control to murder? How a deadly fall revealed the CIA’s darkest secrets

The long read: Frank Olson died in 1953, but, because of clandestine US government experiments, it took decades for his family to get closer to the truth

severak 5.9.2019 12:44:12

Jeffrey Epstein’s Intellectual Enabler

How did Epstein meet so many luminaries in the worlds of science and technology? It all might trace back to literary agent John Brockman.

severak 2.9.2019 10:14:40

The Land Before Binary

In the early days of computing, 1 + 1 didn’t always equal 10

severak 2.9.2019 10:10:18

Is COBOL holding you hostage with Math?

Face it: nobody likes fractions, not even computers.

severak 30.8.2019 14:57:28

Whistleblower? Thief? Hero? Introducing the Source of the Data that Shook HSBC


severak 21.8.2019 21:49:26

A Time of Beginnings: Legend Entertainment (or, Bob and Mike’s Excellent Adventure-Game Company)


severak 21.8.2019 10:36:27

Typography in 8 bits: System fonts

A series of posts on system fonts: 8-bit systems 16-bit systems Other English systems A few more systems

severak 21.8.2019 09:56:55

The Castañé Collection Series: "Three: Marshal Zhukov's Pocket Knife"


severak 20.8.2019 14:31:32

Tak končí pravicová svoboda slova

V průběhu předminulého týdne došlo v USA ke třem atentátům, jimž padlo za oběť 35 lidí. Atentátníky spojuje jak mladý věk, tak skutečnost, že byli aktivními uživateli internetových diskuzních fór.

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