severak 12.11.2019 11:37:43

Inventing a God | Camilla Townsend

Why was it believed that the Aztecs greeted Cortés as a deity?

severak 11.11.2019 16:52:37

Don't blame scooters. Blame the streets.


severak 11.11.2019 15:11:57

Rail transport in Iceland

Iceland does not have a public railway system. There have been three small railways, but none became part of the public transport network. The main reasons for the lack of railways are the small population, competition with automobile traffic, and the harsh environment. Proposals for railways in Iceland began in the early 1900s, with a proposed line between Reykjavík and Selfoss but these were abandoned. In the 2000s there were new proposals for both a light railway system in the Capital Region and an airport rail link to Keflavík. Reykjavík Harbour Railway The track network Probably the most well-known Icelandic rail project, the Reykjavík Harbour Railway, of 900 mm (2 ft 11 7⁄16 in) narrow gauge, operated from 1913 until 1928 for the construction of the harbour breakwaters. The railway operated from a quarry outside the city, Öskjuhlíð, from which it ran a short distance to a junction, passing loop, and sidings. This junction was located just...

severak 11.11.2019 14:52:31

The Big Bitcoin Heist

With its cheap geothermal energy and low crime rate, Iceland has become the world’s leading miner of digital currency. Then the crypto-crooks showed up.

severak 8.11.2019 15:57:44

Narcoculture in Mexico

Narcoculture in Mexico is a subculture that has grown as a result of the strong presence of the various drug cartels throughout Mexico. In the same way that other subcultures around the world that are related to crime and drug use (for example the Scottish neds and European hooligans, or the American street-gangstas and outlaw bikers), Mexican narco culture has developed its own form of dress, music, literature, film, religious beliefs and practices and language (slang) that has helped it become a part of the mainstream fashion in some areas of the country, mainly among lower-class, uneducated youth. Narco culture is dynamic in that there are various regional differences within Mexico and among those who participate in it. Origin The origins of narco culture, like drug trafficking, had humble beginnings in Mexico. Narco culture emerged from the practice of drug trafficking in the highlands of Badiraguato, Sinaloa. It is in the sierra or countryside where an identity of drug trafficking was created and then consolidated once it crossed into the urban sphere. Narcoculture has been defined as a code of conduct and lifestyle for those...

severak 8.11.2019 15:09:58

We need to discuss race in electronic music, and we need a new way to communicate


severak 8.11.2019 14:15:26

Great Railway Journeys

Great Railway Journeys, originally titled Great Railway Journeys of the World, is a recurring series of travel documentaries produced by BBC Television. The premise of each programme is that the presenter, typically a well-known figure from the arts or media, would make a journey by train, usually through a country or to a destination to which they had a personal connection. The first series, which used the longer title, was broadcast on BBC2 in 1980. After a 14-year hiatus, a further three series were broadcast between 1994 and 1999, using the shorter series title. Similar series were broadcast in 1983, Great Little Railways, and 2010, Great British Railway Journeys. The first series is notable in that it featured the first television travelogue by comedian and comic actor Michael Palin (Confessions of a Trainspotter), who would go on to become as well known for his travel series (such as Pole to Pole and Sahara) as for his comedy. English musician and sound artist Chris Watson worked as an audio recorder for the fourth episode "Los Mochis to Veracruz" of the fourth season...

severak 8.11.2019 09:48:56

Why xHamster Is So Much Better at Content Moderation Than Facebook

Laws hold the porn industry accountable for dangerous content — and it’s thriving nonetheless

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Eurocops / Euroflics Intro - Jan Hammer


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"Impossible to Climb" No More! A Recap of the Border Wall Climbing Competition


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Art Bits from HyperCard

700+ crunchy graphics circa 1988 incoming

severak 7.11.2019 10:06:17

The new dot com bubble is here: it’s called online advertising

In 2018 $273bn was spent on digital ads globally. We delve into the world of clicks, banners and keywords to find out if any of it is real. What do we really know about the effectiveness of digital advertising?

severak 6.11.2019 15:27:08

Nile Rodgers & Bernard Edwards: Beyond The Hit-Maker.

To say that accomplished musicians and production duo Nile Rodgers and Bernard Edwards were influential in shaping the sound of popular…

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Jak nedaří změnit svět z kanceláří. Příběh firmy ze Silicon Valley, které mají investoři plné zuby

Velkou část léta strávil Adam Neumann v jedné ze svých vil v Hamptons, prominentní části Long Islandu, kde má svá sídla americká byznysová a politická elita včetně Clintonových, Beyoncé a Jay-Zho nebo Calvina Kleina. Že z východního cípu ostrova pravidelně létají vrtulníky na Manhattan, není nic...

severak 5.11.2019 10:39:53

The Lost Key of QWERTY

A typography blog about the history of wide sentence spacing, aka "how many spaces after a period between sentences".

severak 4.11.2019 14:55:14

Kafe jako hnůj. Trápení italského stíhače, který zabloudil do Čech -

Před 60 lety se letiště v Hradci Králové stalo místem přistání italské stíhačky s mladým pilotem Ernestem De Majem. Ten udělal začátečnickou chybu, po které se místo před Alpami ocitl za nimi.

severak 4.11.2019 14:45:00

The world’s oldest-known recipes decoded

A team of international scholars versed in culinary history, food chemistry and cuneiform studies has been recreating dishes from the world’s oldest-known recipes.

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What were the prevailing real-life cultural connotations of "clones" in 1975 (Star Wars' 3rd draft)?

The original 1976 Star Wars script references The Clone Wars (which wouldn't be realised in fiction until decades later): LEIA: General Kenobi, years ago you served my father in the Clone Wars. ...

severak 4.11.2019 11:26:22

Creating D.A.F. - Der Mussolini with Q119 + Corsynth VCO's and VCF


severak 4.11.2019 09:39:23

Falsehoods CS Students (Still) Believe Upon Graduating

A list of things (not only) computer science students tend to erroneously and at times surprisingly believe even though they (probably) should know better.

slovodne 4.11.2019 00:12:48

VST / peněženka / samaihn


- učím se Csound
- večeře s A&J v cestovatelském klubu
- první VST plugin


- večer Loesje (byl jsem tam jediný účastník)


- dopoledne narozeniny Filipa & Nasti, dobroty
- odpo velkoflákání
+ Hello darkness my old friend
+ halloweenský speciál


- ztráta peněženky. návštěva místního oddělení atd
+ I Forced Myself To Read A Book By A Pickup Artist ~ Dominic Noble


- návštěva A&J + S&J ve Hvo
- chtělo se mi celý den spát
- CLIO - Éric Rohmer est mort
- večer jsem fotil hřbitov se svíčkami


- procházka se Základnou, detektorář
- sledování streamu z GTA

* * *

+ halloween na
- jinak slečna Č-á pochopitelně nemá čas

severak 2.11.2019 20:14:46

Železniční trať 144 Loket předměstí směr Horní Slavkov jaro 2017


severak 2.11.2019 17:57:40

Climate Denial: A Measured Response


severak 2.11.2019 12:38:31

How YouTube autoplay gave a lost Japanese classic new life

Midori Takada’s Through The Looking Glass almost vanished when released in 1983, but thanks to a quirk of the video streaming platform, it’s been hailed as an ambient masterpiece

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