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We need to discuss race in electronic music, and we need a new way to communicate


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I’m 14, and I quit social media after discovering what was posted about me

When 8th grader Sonia Bokhari joined social media for the first time, she discovered that her mom and sister had been posting about her for her entire life.

severak 13.3.2019 16:45:19

How an App for Gamers Went Mainstream

Discord has become an indispensable tool for internet creators to connect with their fans.

severak 12.3.2019 13:49:53

Biography of Hiroyuki Nishimura: The Father of 2channel

How one man spit in the face of Japanese business culture

severak 26.2.2019 23:40:00

Zuzana Vlasatá: Facebookem k depresi? - Deník Referendum

Kniha psycholožky Jean Twengeové, podle níž iGenerace, která už nepoznala svět bez internetu a smartphonů, vyrůstá se závažnými psychickými problémy. Autorka tvrdí, že se jedná o paradoxní důsledek virtuálních sociálních sítí.

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a blog

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Facebook ve věci Netflixu a Spotify udělal spíš hloupost než podraz, nikdo mu však už nevěří

K řadě letošních skandálů společnosti Facebook se přidal další. Opět se týká ohrožení soukromých dat, tentokrát dokonce těch nejcitlivějších – obsahu našich soukromých konverzací v aplikaci Messenger. Facebook umožnil společnostem Netflix a Spotify, aby tyto zprávy četly, psaly do nich, a dokonce je mazaly.

severak 28.12.2018 16:05:38

Some thoughts on Social Networking and Usenet

A little while ago, I wrote a thread on about ephemerality of posting on social media as compared to Usenet. It got a little bit of traction, and one person asked if I could post more about Usenet clients. I haven’t gotten to it until today, and I thought I would post on my blog instead of on glitch. The original thread wasn’t really about Usenet clients; it was mainly about how posts on Usenet expired, which is contrary to people’s current expectations about social media, but actually worked very well.

severak 22.10.2018 14:13:38

The Instagram Stars Hiding Their Famous, Muslim-Hating Mom, Pamela Geller

GirlWithNoJob, JackieOProblems, and the rest of the Instagram-famous family have gone to great lengths to conceal the identity of their Islamophobic mother.

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severak 25.8.2018 11:56:12

From GNU social to Mastodon

There’s been another surge of Twitter users moving to Mastodon in the last few days and for the first time it feels like it’s getting some mainstream tractio...

severak 11.7.2018 21:10:50

How to implement a basic ActivityPub server

Today we’ll be looking at how to connect the protocols powering Mastodon in the simplest way possible to enter the federated network. We will use static files, standard command-line tools, and some simple Ruby scripting, although the functionality should be easily adaptable to other programming languages. First, what’s the end goal of this exercise? We want to send a Mastodon user a message from our own, non-Mastodon server. So what are the ingredients required?

severak 10.7.2018 00:02:47

We Are All Public Figures Now

All she did was board a plane and chat with her seatmate. Now she is a public figure, a hashtag, a target. Millions of strangers on the internet want to know about her new fictional relationship. No one understands why she is so afraid. Or maybe she isn’t afraid. How could I know? I don’t know this woman either.

severak 9.7.2018 21:32:39

One Mammoth of a Job: An Interview with Eugen Rochko of Mastodon

Mastodon’s creator sheds light on maintaining one of the most popular projects in the fediverse

severak 22.6.2018 15:33:39

The Good Room

Design and writing by Frank Chimero

severak 22.6.2018 12:05:58

Social Media: Two Necessary Features, and how to make them Inobtrusive

hey there! hoodie here. you may know me from my rundown of mastodon’s history. it’s a bit of a downer, and it’s not very hopeful for the…

severak 31.5.2018 10:29:35

Promise Theory: the ethics of algorithmic news feeds and chronological timelines

The algorithmic news feed is the source of misinformation, addiction, and filter bubbles.

severak 30.4.2018 11:07:52 makes faking perfection easy is a new tech startup with a mission: to help you fake a perfect social profile, whoever you are. Life isn't perfect, your profile should be.

severak 28.4.2018 21:16:54

Real People Are Turning Their Accounts Into Bots On Instagram — And Cashing In

Verified accounts turning themselves into bots, millions of fake likes and comments, a dirty world of engagement trading inside Telegram groups. Welcome to the secret underbelly of Instagram.

severak 17.4.2018 10:25:56

The Immortal Myths About Online Abuse – Humane Tech – Medium

After building online communities for two decades, we’ve learned how to fight abuse. It’s a solvable problem. We just have to stop…

severak 12.4.2018 14:40:12

Twitter and Tear Gas

“Twitter and Tear Gas: The Power and Fragility of Networked Protest” is riveting firsthand account and incisive analysis of modern protest, revealing internet-fueled social movements’ greatest strengths and frequent challenges. Written by Zeynep Tufekci, an associate professor at the University of North Carolina and a contributing opinion writer at the New York Times who is currently also a faculty associate at the Harvard Berkman Klein Center for Internet and Society.

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