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severak 23.5.2023 17:12:10

Interesting Theory: Mark Zuckerberg Is Trying to Become God and Build Heaven

According to this technologist, Facebook-turned-Meta founder Mark Zuckerberg isn't trying to revolutionize work. He wants to be the god of a digital heaven.

severak 19.4.2023 16:43:20

Inside the secret list of websites that make AI like ChatGPT sound smart

An analysis of a chatbot data set by The Washington Post reveals the proprietary, personal, and often offensive websites that go into an AI’s training data.

severak 7.4.2023 15:29:43

Pierre discute des semaines avec une intelligence artificielle et met fin à ses jours: "Sans ces conversations, il serait toujours là", assure sa femme

C’est une histoire à la fois tragique et interpellante. Un jeune Belge, devenu éco-anxieux, a discuté de manière intensive avec le chatbot Eliza. Après six semaines de conversations avec cette intelligence artificielle, le père de famille a mis fin à ses jours. Un suicide qui met en lumière la nécessité d’encadrer l’utilisation de ces nouveaux agents conversationnels.

severak 23.3.2023 14:11:57

Tech guru Jaron Lanier: ‘The danger isn’t that AI destroys us. It’s that it drives us insane’

The godfather of virtual reality has worked beside the web’s visionaries and power-brokers – but likes nothing more than to show the flaws of technology. He discusses how we can make AI work for us, how the internet takes away choice – and why he would ban TikTok

severak 2.3.2023 15:39:05

The Epistemic Implications of AI Assistants

Lately, AI assistants based on large language models, such as OpenAI’s ChatGPT, have caused considerable excitement. The general idea is that you supply a problem, such as “here’s my Javascript code, why doesn’t it work?”, or “write two paragraphs about the political views of Bertrand Russell”, and the assistant will happily supply you with a solution. There’s good reason for excitement — these models are technically impressive, and they can certainly help us accomplish certain tasks more easily.

severak 18.2.2023 20:41:32

Introducing the AI Mirror Test, which very smart people keep failing

Chatbots like Bing are software — not sentient.

severak 18.2.2023 17:10:03

From Bing to Sydney

More on Bing, particularly the Sydney personality undergirding it: interacting with Sydney has made me completely rethink what conversational AI is important for.

severak 16.2.2023 17:07:30

Bing: “I will not harm you unless you harm me first”

Last week, Microsoft announced the new AI-powered Bing: a search interface that incorporates a language model powered chatbot that can run searches for you and summarize the results, plus do …

severak 30.10.2021 18:16:23

The metaverse is bullshit

The metaverse is bullshit because it already exists, and it's called the internet

severak 20.2.2021 17:35:54

Objective or Biased

An exclusive data analysis by BR (Bavarian Broadcasting) data journalists shows that an AI for personality assessment can be swayed by appearances. This might perpetuate stereotypes

severak 20.2.2020 11:25:22

How communist Bulgaria became a leader in tech and sci-fi – Victor Petrov | Aeon Essays

Tech flourished in communist Bulgaria and so did a body of science fiction asking vital philosophical questions

severak 2.9.2019 10:25:08

Demonstranti v Hongkongu matou kamery. Obličej si halí svou vlastní tváří -

Roušky, potápěčské brýle i masky připomínající vlastní obličej. Demonstranti v Hongkongu se čím dál víc snaží vyzrát na policejní kamery. Kvůli možné identifikaci také na internetu minimalizují svou digitální stopu. Ve druhém proudu jsou pak lidé, kteří si naopak symboly demonstrací tetují na tělo. A další raději prchají ze země.

severak 12.7.2019 15:30:43

Bitcoin mining on an Apollo Guidance Computer: 10.3 seconds per hash

We've been restoring an Apollo Guidance Computer 1 . Now that we have the world's only working AGC, I decided to write some code for it. Try...

severak 8.7.2019 11:19:48

Destroyer of worlds

How a childhood of anger led the founder of 8chan to create one of the darkest corners of the internet

severak 1.7.2019 16:14:20

Absence of certain features in IRC considered a feature

The other day a friend of mine (an oper on Freenode) wanted to talk about IRC compared to its peers, such as Matrix, Slack, Discord, etc. The ensuing discussion deserves summarization here. In short: I’m glad that IRC doesn’t have the features that are “showstoppers” for people choosing other platforms, and I’m worried that attempts to bring these showstopping “features” to IRC will worsen the platform for the people who use it now.

severak 1.7.2019 14:05:11

Mama Mia It's Sophia: A Show Robot Or Dangerous Platform To Mislead?

Sophia is the latest in a long tradition of show robots outlined in this article. Unlike their predecessors, the creators of Sophia have crossed a line with exaggerated claims about their AI. This misleads policymakers and the military who need to make informed decisions about the governance of AI.

severak 1.7.2019 12:42:24

The rise and fall of DeepNude: Takedown, cracking, current download status & more!


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