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severak 14.7.2022 13:24:02

Graphical User Interface Gallery

On these pages you will find many screen shots of various desktop computer Graphical User Interfaces and operating systems. Many different people have had different ideas of how a GUI should work and these screen shots show many of the more popular ones.

severak 23.6.2022 14:32:07

Unix command line conventions over time

This blog post documents my understanding of how the conventions for Unix command line syntax have evolved over time. It’s not properly sourced, and may well be quite wrong. I’ve not been using Unix until 1989, so I wasn’t there for the early years. Maybe someone has written a proper essay on this, with citations. I’m too lazy to dig them up.

severak 7.6.2022 16:16:28

Command Line Interface Guidelines

An open-source guide to help you write better command-line programs, taking traditional UNIX principles and updating them for the modern day.

severak 3.4.2022 23:05:46

Ask Hackaday: How Do You DIY a Top-Octave Generator?


severak 29.3.2022 15:50:22

Why Mastodon Isn't Great For Serendipity

In my search to better understand the effects of …

severak 29.3.2022 11:51:40

The phones of Ukrainian president Zelensky

Interesting telephone equipment in the offices of Ukrainian president Zelensky

severak 26.1.2021 14:06:12

System separation in the Continental Europe Synchronous Area on 8 January 2021 – 2nd update

On 8 January 2021 at 14:05 CET the synchronous area of Continental Europe was separated into two parts due to outages of several transmission network elements in a very short time. ENTSO-E has published the first information on the event already on 8 January 2021, followed by an update with geographical view and time sequence on 15 January 2021. Since then, ENTSO-E has analysed a large portion of relevant data aiming to reconstruct the event in detail.

severak 15.9.2020 01:20:08

2020 Entry-Level Cassette Deck Buyer's Guide

Detailed information on the new cassette tape decks available today, and advice for those who are considering purchasing them.

severak 9.7.2019 09:55:16

r/programming - The world's worst video card?

3,013 votes and 202 comments so far on Reddit

severak 4.7.2019 10:05:17

Grumpy Website

dmitriid: My favorite theory (which is yet to be challenged) is that modern car interfaces are designed by people who have never even seen a car in their entire life.

severak 2.7.2019 10:11:37

One Program Written in Python, Go, and Rust

Image differentiation in three languages

severak 21.6.2019 10:12:50

STM32 Open Source Multimeter


severak 12.6.2019 09:43:28

Unraveling The JPEG

JPEG images are everywhere in our digital lives, but behind the veil of familiarity lie algorithms that remove details that are imperceptible to the human eye. This produces the highest visual quality with the smallest file size—but what does that look like? Let's see what our eyes can't see!

severak 3.1.2019 10:36:47

Tunnel Vision

Chicago tried to dig its way out of urban flooding decades before climate change made it a national crisis. Did the city, and its imitators, pick the wrong solution?

severak 11.10.2018 10:35:08

pre convergence morgue

photos of old phones & stuff

severak 24.9.2018 16:26:36

PIXLS.US - Free/Open Source Photography

To provide tutorials, workflows and a showcase for high-quality photography using Free/Open Source Software.

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