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severak 17.5.2023 19:53:06

Slovník zvukařských pojmů aka Zvukařský slovník


severak 16.5.2023 18:27:56

Home - CLever Audio Plug-In

CLever Audio Plug-in, the open standard for audio plug-ins and hosts

severak 8.2.2023 10:43:52

Fundamental Math for Game Developers

Let's review the most important math topics used by game devs, reflect about math education, and discuss techniques that can be used to improve the way we learn new math topics.

severak 7.2.2023 10:56:18

Font rendering philosophies of Windows & Mac OS X

Damien Guard on software development, fonts and technology.

severak 7.2.2023 10:50:41

Electronic Babylonian Literature

Tools for hosting and analysing a corpus of cuneiform texts - Electronic Babylonian Literature

severak 30.1.2023 00:17:48

MIDIMAN Melody Kit Version 1.0 (130,000 MIDI Files)


severak 20.12.2022 14:33:52

How to draw ugly lines really fast

Beyond textbook Bresenham Introduction Every now and then (don't ask) I have to yet again write a subpixel-accurate but NOT antialiased line drawer....

severak 28.11.2022 15:58:19

FFmpeg - Ultimate Guide | IMG.LY Blog

This guide covers the ins and outs of FFmpeg starting with fundamental concepts and moving to media transcoding and video and audio processing providing practical examples along the way.

severak 14.7.2022 13:24:02

Graphical User Interface Gallery

On these pages you will find many screen shots of various desktop computer Graphical User Interfaces and operating systems. Many different people have had different ideas of how a GUI should work and these screen shots show many of the more popular ones.

severak 7.6.2022 16:16:28

Command Line Interface Guidelines

An open-source guide to help you write better command-line programs, taking traditional UNIX principles and updating them for the modern day.

severak 30.3.2022 10:29:28

Useful functions for game development - Austin Z. Henley

Useful Functions for Game Development

severak 16.3.2022 11:55:56

Coloring for Colorblindness

This interactive visual tool lets you see how accessible your color palettes are to viewers who are colorblind.

severak 23.12.2021 09:15:51

How to Draw S-Curved Arrows Between Boxes / Rectangles

When I was building the spatial “tool for thought”, Jade, one frequently requested feature was drawing arrows between blocks, so we could make mind maps, flowcharts, etc. Here’s how I made it.

severak 1.12.2021 22:31:47


Wiki for Collaborative Studies of Arts, Media and Humanities

severak 27.11.2021 16:38:39

My Custom CSS Reset

I have a set of baseline CSS styles that come with me from project to project. In the past, I'd use a typical CSS reset, but times have changed, and I believe I have a better set of global styles!

severak 25.11.2021 10:19:14

Museum of Plugs and Sockets: home page

Annotated display of 1000 domestic electrical plugs and sockets from all over the world, including classic and obsolete types.

severak 27.10.2021 10:10:17

The Matinee Organ (Electronics & Music Maker, Mar 1981)

The Matinee Organ, Electronics & Music Maker, Mar 1981

severak 26.10.2021 01:27:39

Sound Programming is the best collection of synthesizer, sampler, sequencer, drum machine, and guitar synth manuals, specifications, and demos on the web. Learn more about vintage and modern music hardware and electronics.

severak 21.10.2021 10:35:55

~ajxs/Yamaha DX7 Technical Analysis

An introductory technical analysis of the Yamaha DX7, detailing some of the known information about the synthesiser’s engineering.

severak 10.10.2021 19:11:23

Bez revoluční teorie nemůže být revolučního hnutí

2/2 krátký reading list, který vám pomůže si vytvořit nějakou teoretickou základnu a odpoví vám na základní otázky jako např. čím a jak tento systém nahradit.

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