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[UPDATES] Resources For Novel Coronavirus COVID-19 - Online Technical Discussion Groups—Wolfram Community

Wolfram Community forum discussion about [UPDATES] Resources For Novel Coronavirus COVID-19. Stay on top of important topics and build connections by joining Wolfram Community groups relevant to your interests.

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COVID-19: Aktuální počty onemocnění koronavirem v ČR

Oficiální informační portál Ministerstva zdravotnictví České republiky

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wreck, wreck database

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Spomenik Database | The Monumental History of Yugoslavia

The Spomenik Database explores Yugoslavia's historic and enigmatic endeavor into creating stunningly space-age abstract WWII monuments from 1960-1990.

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Database of old book illustrations

Here's an enormous library of thousands of old book illustrations, with searchable name, artist, source, date, which book it was

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Divina proportione

Divina proportione (15th century Italian for Divine proportion), later also called De divina proportione (converting the Italian title into a Latin one) is a book on mathematics written by Luca Pacioli and illustrated by Leonardo da Vinci, composed around 1498 in Milan and first printed in 1509. Its subject was mathematical proportions (the title refers to the golden ratio) and their applications to geometry, to visual art through perspective, and to architecture. The clarity of the written material and Leonardo's excellent diagrams helped the book to achieve an impact beyond mathematical circles, popularizing contemporary geometric concepts and images. Contents of the book The book consists of three separate manuscripts, which Pacioli worked on between 1496 and 1498. He credits Fibonacci as the main source for the mathematics he presents. Compendio divina proportione The first part, Compendio divina proportione (Compendium on the Divine Proportion), studies the golden ratio from a mathematical perspective...

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The “432 Hz vs. 440 Hz” conspiracy theory

Would you believe that there is a conspiracy theory about the way we tune musical instruments? And that this theory even involves the Nazis, chakras, and whatnot? No? Then sit down and enjoy perhaps

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Roland Juno 6/60 patch library at SynthLib

A library of patches for the Roland Juno 6/60. Contribute yours.

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Casio VL-1 patch library at SynthLib

A library of patches for the Casio VL-1. Contribute yours.

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Folding paper globes

These printable origami globes are a great teaching resource or a fun family activity. Simply download, print and enjoy! Each globe folds into an accurate and very detailed topographic globe. These paper globes are a completely free resource!

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Zrušené a zaniklé železnice v Čr

Kontakt:        Navštivte také: Na biciklu po - Stačí otevřít a budeš v obraze.

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Tomados - pronájem tiskáren, tisk, kopírování

Společnost Tomados nabízí servis, prodej a pronájmem tiskáren, kopírek a další kancelářské techniky. Provádíme také tisk, kopírování a skenování za velice příznivé ceny.

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