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severak 12.5.2021 14:52:57

How to Master a Song at Home (in 14 Easy Steps)


severak 20.4.2021 09:04:11

vitling: The Endless Acid Banger

Algorithmic music experiement by Vitling

severak 4.4.2021 13:32:46

Sample Packs

Sample packs.

severak 25.3.2021 11:28:50

Soma Laboratory Lyra-8

Soma Laboratory’s Lyra-8 may force you to reconsider everything you think you know about synthesizers.

severak 4.3.2021 11:27:26

Decolonizing Electronic Music Starts With Its Software

With the release of two free programs that encourage experimentation with global tuning systems, the musician and researcher Khyam Allami is challenging the Western biases of music production software.

severak 18.12.2020 15:57:55

Tropea ‎– Short Trip To Space (1977)


severak 15.12.2020 22:59:13

Il Quadro di Troisi, by Il Quadro di Troisi


severak 7.12.2020 10:39:08

(*My) Procedurally Generated Music is Awful

don’t try to procedurally generate something that you can’t already create, dummy

severak 26.11.2020 23:05:22


severak 25.11.2020 10:54:17

Acid Machine 2

Acid, in your browser

severak 10.11.2020 14:29:38

Digital sound processing tutorial for the braindead!


severak 3.11.2020 15:11:15

DMP - Drum Machine Patterns From Classic Drum Machines

Drum Machine Pattern For The Roland TR-808

severak 11.9.2020 10:06:21

The pink hit parade: Sing if you're glad to be gay

The man behind the gay anthem 'So Macho' is now a Pentecostal minister - and he is using his royalties from the hit song to support firefighters accused of homophobia. Terry Kirby goes west to examine a musical genre, while Richard Smith of 'Gay Times' assesses the songs you can't get out of your head

severak 8.9.2020 15:40:16

Sexy Sushi - Sex Appeal (remix by Playboy's Bend) by PlayBoy's Bend


severak 17.8.2020 15:39:50

Casio Keyboards: A Big Idea, Synthesized

Casio claimed it could fit the sounds of dozens of musical instruments into its keyboards. Maybe it wasn't totally true, but the Casiotone gave us a lot.

severak 12.8.2020 17:22:54

Zambia’s 70s Psych Rock Scene Produced The Catchiest Rock Anthems


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