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severak 18.9.2021 01:02:08

Some Fun with Piano Harmonics


severak 2.9.2021 11:22:06

Pojednání o (ne)originalitě populární hudby


severak 1.9.2021 22:04:19

Generating More of My Favorite Aphex Twin Track

Have you ever heard a song you liked so much you wished it would last forever?

severak 27.7.2021 14:26:32

The Essential... Yellow Magic Orchestra

Mikey IQ Jones selects the essential tracks by pioneering Japanese synth pop outfit Yellow Magic Orchestra.

severak 16.7.2021 22:56:36

Depeche Mode Chord Theory | Reverb Machine

Depeche Mode were one of the British bands that emerged in the 1981-82 synth-pop explosion, initially gaining popularity as a Vince Clarke-led group. Their

severak 13.7.2021 11:52:12

Interview: Organnery - Blokas Reads


severak 29.6.2021 15:15:02

RTP-MIDI over the Internet

RTP-MIDI, AppleMIDI or MIDI over Real Time Protocol is a way to send midi over a network in real time. Most of the time it is used to send midi within a local network to either hardware or software instruments but it can also be used to send midi over the internet. However, the timing is not always perfect. In my experiments, connecting to over the internet back to another local computer I experienced occasional lags, which got worse as I visited new web addresses that were data heavy like a YouTube video, but the lag went away a few seconds after the video got started.

severak 22.6.2021 09:15:26

What Music Really İs | The Fine Art of Combining Harmonics

The HarmoniComb Matrix: A New Method for Visually Describing Music, based on an ancient division/multiplication table known as Pythagorean Lambdoma, presented here in logarithmic form so that What You See İs How You Hear.

severak 12.5.2021 14:52:57

How to Master a Song at Home (in 14 Easy Steps)


severak 20.4.2021 09:04:11

vitling: The Endless Acid Banger

Algorithmic music experiement by Vitling

severak 4.4.2021 13:32:46

Sample Packs

Sample packs.

severak 25.3.2021 11:28:50

Soma Laboratory Lyra-8

Soma Laboratory’s Lyra-8 may force you to reconsider everything you think you know about synthesizers.

severak 4.3.2021 11:27:26

Decolonizing Electronic Music Starts With Its Software

With the release of two free programs that encourage experimentation with global tuning systems, the musician and researcher Khyam Allami is challenging the Western biases of music production software.

severak 18.12.2020 15:57:55

Tropea ‎– Short Trip To Space (1977)


severak 15.12.2020 22:59:13

Il Quadro di Troisi, by Il Quadro di Troisi


severak 7.12.2020 10:39:08

(*My) Procedurally Generated Music is Awful

don’t try to procedurally generate something that you can’t already create, dummy

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