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severak 11.9.2020 10:06:21

The pink hit parade: Sing if you're glad to be gay

The man behind the gay anthem 'So Macho' is now a Pentecostal minister - and he is using his royalties from the hit song to support firefighters accused of homophobia. Terry Kirby goes west to examine a musical genre, while Richard Smith of 'Gay Times' assesses the songs you can't get out of your head

severak 8.9.2020 15:40:16

Sexy Sushi - Sex Appeal (remix by Playboy's Bend) by PlayBoy's Bend


severak 17.8.2020 15:39:50

Casio Keyboards: A Big Idea, Synthesized

Casio claimed it could fit the sounds of dozens of musical instruments into its keyboards. Maybe it wasn't totally true, but the Casiotone gave us a lot.

severak 12.8.2020 17:22:54

Zambia’s 70s Psych Rock Scene Produced The Catchiest Rock Anthems


severak 14.7.2020 10:55:50

Yello - The Race (Extended Remix)1988


severak 1.7.2020 17:12:57

Imaginary [full album] by Kupla


severak 30.6.2020 09:57:55

Perc & Passarella Death Squad - Temperature's Rising (Original Mix)


severak 26.5.2020 12:13:20


severak 25.5.2020 15:52:40

Too Young by Basement Love


severak 25.5.2020 15:29:49

【TROPIC Λ L】​/​/​ ゴニが by NATIONAL ナショナル


severak 20.5.2020 10:10:09

Chrysalid Sequencer VST, by Interstellar Sequence


severak 17.5.2020 01:28:44

The Quietus | Features | A Quietus Interview | India Dreaming: Paul Purgas On The Birth Of Indian Electronic Music

This Sunday, musician Paul Purgas presents a documentary on the extraordinary and overlooked electronic music produced by the students of India's National Institute Of Design in the late 1960s and early 1970s. He speaks to Patrick Clarke about his discoveries

severak 16.5.2020 22:06:15

City Pop & Depression — Van Paugam

Article discussing sadness, depression, and how it relates to City Pop.

severak 13.5.2020 16:10:33

Eminent 310 String Synthesizer

The world's first commercially available string synthesizer, the Eminent 310, came from an unlikely source, a Dutch home organ manufacturer. It was further advanced through an even more unlikely partnership, with the legendary American synth makers ARP...

severak 12.5.2020 11:39:21

Electric Duet

A classic Apple ][ program that performed music in two voices.

severak 29.4.2020 16:48:14

J-Scope VST Oscilloscope

J-Scope, a free VST oscilloscope plugin that is as close to a hardware scope as you can get.

severak 9.4.2020 15:18:22

𝕬𝖚𝖋𝖍𝖔𝖈𝖐𝖊𝖗 - In The Name Of The Father, by Aufhocker


severak 26.3.2020 20:04:57

Korg Volca Jam #03 | Volca - Beats, Bass, Keys | Yamaha MT100


severak 23.3.2020 15:19:29

Someone Is Stealing Tracker Songs And Selling Them

Today, in response to a tweet talking about old untitled song ideas, I mentioned that I had a strange file called “t.mp3” sitting in my downloads folder that had been there for years and have no attached metadata or hint as to where it came from. It appeared to be a complete recording of a chiptune song, and it sounded very nice, but I had no way of knowing the original source.

severak 10.3.2020 15:08:56

Temné zvuky ze sklepa. O českém dungeon synthu s Mhorem a Dunkelbotem

„Musíme zahrát Diablo,“ zahlásili jednohlasně Mhor a Dunkelbot, když jsme ve studiu řešili, jaká skladba by měla otvírat díl Špíny o dungeon synthu. Oba dva zástupce tohoto obskurního žánru, který staví na temných zastřených zvucích evokujících ozvěny starých sklepů, k němu totiž přivedly soundtracky ke starým videohrám. Ve Špíně se nyní zastavili představit své první nahrávky, které nedávno vyšly.

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