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severak 27.7.2019 00:14:46

drumbit | online drum machine

A very easy to use drum machine. You can choose from various drum kits, create, save and edit your drum patterns and record it as audio files.

severak 26.7.2019 12:01:49

HTML5 Drum Machine

Export WAV sequences using an emulation of Roland TR-909, Roland TR-808, LinnDrum, MachineDrum and Akai MPC hardware.

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severak 21.5.2019 09:39:17

The Rasterbator

Wall art generator. Enlarges images to multiple pages, which you can then print and combine into huge posters.

severak 25.2.2019 09:49:00

sqlite-utils: a Python library and CLI tool for building SQLite databases

sqlite-utils is a combination Python library and command-line tool I’ve been building over the past six months which aims to make creating new SQLite databases as quick and easy as ...

severak 21.11.2018 11:24:52

ASCII Mapper by No Time To Play

Map editor for tile-based games using ASCII characters

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