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severak 5.2.2020 11:20:12

What is SAP?

What's SAP? And why is it worth $163B? Every year companies spend $41B on enterprise resource planning software, commonly known as ERP. Today, almost every large business has some sort of ERP system implemented. But most smaller businesses generally don’t purchase any ERP system off the shelf, and most

severak 28.1.2020 17:08:11

KnightOS was an interesting operating system

KnightOS is an operating system I started writing about 10 years ago, for Texas Instruments line of z80 calculators — the TI-73, TI-83+, TI-84+, and similar calculators are supported. It still gets the rare improvements, but these days myself and most of the major contributors are just left with starry eyed empty promises to themselves that one day they’ll do one of those big refactorings we’ve been planning… for 4 or 5 years now.

severak 22.1.2020 10:39:45

PHP Sucks! But I Like It!

I read a rather interesting post yesterday called PHP: a fractal of bad design. It’s been getting a lot of traffic among the PHP community lately because it’s rather inflammatory. But to be honest, it

severak 17.1.2020 14:42:15

A lazy fix 20 years ago means the Y2K bug is taking down computers now

The millennium bug is back with a vengeance, after programmers in the 1990s simply pushed the problem back by 20 years

severak 16.1.2020 09:25:18

Pressure Based Anti-Spam for Discord Bots

Back when Discord was a wee little chat platform with no rate limiting whatsoever, it's API had already been reverse-engineered by a bunch of bot developers who then went around spamming random servers with so many messages it would crash the client. My friends and I were determined to keep our discord server public, so I went about creating the first anti-spam bot for Discord. I am no longer maintaining this bot beyond simple bugfixes because I have better things to do with my time, and I'm tired of people trying to use it because “it's the best anti-spam bot” even after I deprecated it.

severak 2.1.2020 15:05:32

Guide to Windows Batch Scripting - /* steve jansen */

I love shell scripting – it’s the duct tape of programming to me. Low cost, high benefit. And it feels like art, where one can learn to …

severak 3.12.2019 15:02:02

Using "Bona-Fida" reversed engineered Headers to distribute vst2 "like" plugins

Dear fellow devs, i just started out developing audio plugins and planning on starting a business with that. Since a few days i am sleeping bad because i found out that distributing VST2 PlugIns will be illegal for me as i didn’t sign a license agreement with Steinberg before October 2018. This would be a major drawback for any new business trying to sell audio plugins, since one of the most used DAW (and my beloved favourite) didn’t support VST2 until recently in their current major version. ...

severak 2.12.2019 16:47:08

You (probably) don’t need ReCAPTCHA


severak 21.11.2019 11:09:52

Beating C with 80 lines of Haskell: wc

An exploration into high-performance Haskell by cloning the wc utility

severak 4.11.2019 09:39:23

Falsehoods CS Students (Still) Believe Upon Graduating

A list of things (not only) computer science students tend to erroneously and at times surprisingly believe even though they (probably) should know better.

severak 29.10.2019 10:07:39

The Raster Tragedy at Low-Resolution Revisited | Beat Stamm

Font hinting is an opportunity to get on-screen text rendering as close to the art of printing as the available screen technologies allow.

severak 14.10.2019 10:00:50

Announcing website snapshot for Trandoshan

When I have written my article for Trandoshan [/building-fast-modern-web-crawler/] I didn't expect so much positive feedback. More than 15k views on the article, hundred stars on the Github repository... I am very happy about it. My first plan was to stop the development right after 1.0.0 was working and the article was published in order to move on new project(s). But despite of that I have had several cool features in mind. Since the project seems to interest some people I have decided to im

severak 9.10.2019 10:49:27

Hello darkness, my old friend  |

Many devices now support an operating system wide dark mode or dark theme experience. This post explains how dark mode can be supported on web pages, lists best practices, and introduces a custom element named dark-mode-toggle that allows web developers to offer users a way to override their operating system level preference on specific web pages.

severak 4.10.2019 09:55:32

SQL queries don't start with SELECT - Julia Evans

SQL queries don't start with SELECT

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