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Implementing cosine in C from scratch

How does the math library's trigonometric function work?

severak 22.3.2022 13:39:25

Kokichi Sugihara's English Homepage

(Impossible Objects)

severak 16.3.2022 11:55:56

Coloring for Colorblindness

This interactive visual tool lets you see how accessible your color palettes are to viewers who are colorblind.

severak 29.12.2021 10:23:37

Making sounds using SDL and visualizing them on a simulated oscillosco

The most important part of Vectron is the real-time generation and visualization of audio. In the previous blog post I already built a simulated XY oscilloscope which I'll use to visualize the two ste

severak 23.12.2021 09:15:51

How to Draw S-Curved Arrows Between Boxes / Rectangles

When I was building the spatial “tool for thought”, Jade, one frequently requested feature was drawing arrows between blocks, so we could make mind maps, flowcharts, etc. Here’s how I made it.

severak 24.11.2021 00:13:31

How To Create Secure WebSocket With Node.JS "ws" Module

In this tutorial, we will create ssl enable websocket using ws module.

severak 21.11.2021 19:54:23

How To Make A Real-Time Music Application Using WebSockets

I recently decided to become more familiar with WebSockets, in an effort to understand how to build interactive web applications using…

severak 19.11.2021 17:09:55

Node.js & WebSocket — Simple chat tutorial

Node.js is a brilliant product. It gives you so much freedom and I think it’s ideal for single purpose web servers.

severak 19.10.2021 15:00:27

How Google Earth (Really) Works

One of the original creators of Google Earth explains how it works

severak 15.10.2021 12:25:36

How to win at CORS

The 'how' and 'why' of CORS, from start to finish.

severak 1.9.2021 22:04:19

Generating More of My Favorite Aphex Twin Track

Have you ever heard a song you liked so much you wished it would last forever?

severak 22.7.2021 16:34:09

How Do People Even Find Drug Dealers?

You know, if “someone” was “potentially” curious about that kind of thing.

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How to Master a Song at Home (in 14 Easy Steps)


severak 16.1.2021 23:53:39

Red Blob Games: Hexagonal Grids

Guide to math, algorithms, and code for hexagonal grids in games

severak 10.11.2020 14:29:38

Digital sound processing tutorial for the braindead!


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r/synthesizers - Vowel–consonant synthesis

27 votes and 29 comments so far on Reddit

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