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Map Tutorials

A list of the map tutorials so far... It Begins  - A quick overview Villages  - Basic buildings Jungle Trails  - Forests and some new op...

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Accessing Another Windows Computer’s Registry from a Disk in Windows 8.1


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5 More Easy Drum Beats for Beginners

Looking for some easy drum beats to get you started? We’ve got you covered! Believe it or not, simple drum beats are often the most effective. Basic drum beats don’t distract the listener fro…

severak 18.7.2019 10:38:08

Falling sand - image transition effect in 16 lines of pure JavaScript

Falling sand - image transition effect in 16 lines of pure JavaScript

severak 10.7.2019 15:32:39

How to run a small social network site for your friends

This document exists to lay out some general principles of running a small social network site that have worked for me. These principles are related to community building more than they are related to specific technologies.

severak 10.7.2019 09:47:40

I have found an excellent programmer named Steve Wozniac

A long time ago, when computing was a big boring business, something unexpected happened. Cheap microprocessors, intended for teletypes and stop-lights, were pressed into service as *personal computer...

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r/programming - The world's worst video card?

3,013 votes and 202 comments so far on Reddit

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Best times to post on social media for 2019

Sprout Social's research reveals industry and network-specific recomendations on the best times to post for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

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DIY Kettle Stitch Bookbinding Tutorial | Sea Lemon


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Stručný manuál, jak udělat něco dobrého pro krajinu

Stručný manuál, jak udělat něco dobrého pro krajinu, Vilém Jurek, KN 20/2019

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Rok na kolejích: jak jsem se stal vlakovým nomádem


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Floppycasts - 1.44MB Podcasts

I’ve been working on making podcasts and videos about old movies, and old computers, and bigfoot hunters, and people living on asteroids in outerspace, and the crew of a spaceship, and masked heroes who cut promos on one another pro-writing style. It’s fun! It’s time consuming! I have lots of half finished stuff sitting around that I’ve slowly been editing and prepping for release, and that’s got me thinking about releasing podcasts on floppy disks.

severak 21.6.2019 15:13:37

Jak pozorovat blesky v horních vrstvách atmosféry

Snímek ukazuje jednotlivé druhy TLE, jejich vzhled, barvu a výšku v atmosféře. Globální cirkulace

severak 21.6.2019 10:12:50

STM32 Open Source Multimeter


severak 20.6.2019 09:40:21

I Git it!

Summary of my ‘Aha!’ moments with Git

severak 5.6.2019 16:00:31

How to Put a Raspberry Pi Inside the Official Raspberry Pi Keyboard

In the early days of home computing, it was quite common to see “all-in-one” computers that were built into the keyboard. Popular models…

severak 25.5.2019 22:43:21

10 most common audio mistakes in documentary filmmaking


severak 29.4.2019 15:41:29

The Leesburg Grid

I've written about the 'Leesburg Grid' a few times here on the blog, but have yet to dedicate a blog post specifically to it. The Leesburg Grid is a tool for determining what the message of your campaign should be. It is a grid with four quadrants:

severak 19.4.2019 00:44:36

All that you need to know (!) about 80s Synths


severak 18.4.2019 10:34:50

How creative commons licenses work []

creative commons licenses explained. How to correctly license music for YouTube

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