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Depeche Mode: Proč se králové elektropopu stali v socialistickém bloku fetišem

Jak se ze skupiny Depeche Mode, zpívající o nerovnosti, chudobě a vykořisťování na Západě, která by bez problémů prošla cenzurou, stal v socialistických zemích underground? Depeche Mode dodnes těží z toho, že se ve správný čas ocitli ve správné studené válce.

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Received Pronunciation: history and changes | Cambridge English


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Rjalker: Here’s how to make The Murderbot Diaries 80% less casually transphobic, for each book and short story published so far as of 11/21/22

This post is literally just me picking out a section from each book and adding in things to explicitly establish Murderbot’s pronouns, normalize the characters asking eachother what their pronouns are/listing them in their fucking brainchip social media profiles, and maybe even more importantly, making it so that sex is not equated with gender.Murderbot and all the other bots and constructs so far being agender because they’re all robots (shut up if you’re going to argue semantics) who don’t have genitals is transphobic.

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Yamaha Tenori-on

The Yamaha Tenori-on is an electronic musical instrument designed and created by the Japanese artist Toshio Iwai and Yu Nishibori of the Music and Human Interface Group at the Yamaha Center for Advanced Sound Technology. Description The Tenori-on consists of a hand-held screen in which a sixteen-by-sixteen grid of LED switches are held within a magnesium plastic frame. Any of these switches may be activated in a number of different ways to create sounds. Two built-in speakers are located on the top of the frame, as well as a dial and buttons that control the type of sound and beats per minute produced. There are two versions of the device available. The original TNR-W (Tenori-On White) features a magnesium frame, 256 rear panel LEDs and can run on batteries whilst the more affordable TNR-O (Tenori-On Orange) features a white plastic frame, has no rear LEDs and does not take batteries. The modes and sound sets in these instruments are the same. Both devices have an LCD screen on the bottom edge of the frame. Using the connection function, it is possible to play a synchronized session, or to send and receive songs...

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Internet Imperialism: the Colonial Age

I came across a post on the 'verse recently that referenced Microsoft's business strategy of "embrace and extend" in reference to Twitter's future.…

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My Antarctica blog!

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How to win at CORS

The 'how' and 'why' of CORS, from start to finish.

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432 Hz vs. 440 Hz: Tuning Standards Explained

440 Hz is widely used as the tuning standard for western music, but 432 Hz is on the rise. Why is this? And which standard should you choose?

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If you want to know how we ended up in a cyber dystopia, read Ready Player One

The 2011 book wants to have it both ways — just like Mark Zuckerberg

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What Music Really İs | The Fine Art of Combining Harmonics

The HarmoniComb Matrix: A New Method for Visually Describing Music, based on an ancient division/multiplication table known as Pythagorean Lambdoma, presented here in logarithmic form so that What You See İs How You Hear.

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'I wasn’t looking back, we could hardly see ahead.’ The Chileans who came to Hull

Tom White explores the relationship between Chilean refugees and Hull in the 1970s

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History of the Amiga | Series | Ars Technica

Serving the Technologist for more than a decade. IT news, reviews, and analysis.

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Built to Last

Don’t blame COBOL. Blame austerity.

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Webaudio Experiences

Experiences with the webaudio API, additive and subtractive synthesizer simulations, programming, samples, samplelibrary

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What Depeche Mode’s Seduction of Eastern Europe Can Teach Us About Late Capitalism

Two documentaries—one new, one newly resurfaced—nod to the Depechemania that gripped the Eastern Bloc.

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Studio N: Jedenáct návrhů, jak se co nejrychleji dostat z krize

Situace je vážná. Toto konstatování už jde každému na nervy, ale co dělat? Česko čelí covidu neúspěšně. Potřebuje změnu, nové nápady a hlavně nový přístup.

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Bernhard Riepl: Rakušané i potomci německy mluvících vyhnanců nevědí o realitě Čechů – a naopak. Dá se to měnit skrze vyprávění příběhů

Bernhard Riepl: Rakušané i potomci německy mluvících vyhnanců nevědí o realitě Čechů – a naopak. Dá se to měnit skrze vyprávění příběhů, Tomáš Koloc, KN 24/2018

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Únor 1948: Jediná Benešova varianta byl Tito

Únor 1948: Jediná Benešova varianta byl Tito, Tomáš Koloc, KN 9/2018

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Rudí nerdi letí do vesmíru! Československé sci-fi!


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