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severak 18.6.2024 10:37:21

Why Self-Checkout Is and Has Always Been the Worst

Automation is often presented as an inexorably advancing force, whether it’s ushering in a threat to jobs or a promise of increased leisure or larger profits. We’re made to imagine the robots rising, increasingly mechanized systems of production, more streamlined modes of everyday living. But the truth is that…

severak 18.6.2024 10:02:19

AI can't fix what automation already broke

Generative AI is the latest in a long line of technologies that promise innovation and fixes but grind away at public life

severak 27.5.2024 10:10:19

Ignore all previous instructions

Users have noticed that the twitter chatbot [], usually faithful to its cheerful messaging promoting remote work, can be subverted with a carefully worded user prompt. Users were able to get the chatbot to claim responsibility for terrorist attacks, threaten the President,

severak 21.3.2024 14:24:33

Pod čarou: Když nevidíme pod povrch technologií, ztrácíme nad nimi moc - Seznam Zprávy

Abychom se s technologiemi naučili pracovat, musíme nejdřív vědět, jak fungují. Je to však stále těžší úkol a dnešní Pod čarou proto zkoumá, proč nás digitální giganti zatvrzele odmítají pustit do útrob svých kouzelných udělátek.

severak 26.2.2024 20:19:20

This is not a good way to fight racism in America

Building a multiracial society is hard work. Don't be tempted by shortcuts.

severak 26.2.2024 19:20:08

Gemini and Google’s Culture

The Google Gemini fiasco shows that the biggest challenge for Google in AI is not business model but rather company culture; change is needed from the top down.

severak 29.1.2024 10:30:28

Why Google’s Deep Dream A.I. Hallucinates In Dog Faces

It turns out Google’s neural network is obsessed with canines for a reason.

severak 5.8.2023 21:05:32

Language Is a Poor Heuristic for Intelligence

With the emergence of LLM “AI”, everyone will have to learn what many disabled people have always understood

severak 26.7.2023 10:46:22

Thoughts on AI and AI-veganism

I’ve come to think LLMs/GPTs/whatever are a threat to conventional search engines because the modern web is an unbelievably annoying dumpster fire. They don’t really provide better or faster answers, what they provide is an experience that is not a complete pain in the ass. This frog has been simmering for a long while now and we’re so used to it that seeing literally anything else seems revolutionary. You visit a website and need to dismiss a cookie policy notification, a request to show popups, a request to know your location, an invitation to subscribe to a newsletter, a sales rep wants to have a chat with you, then you get random layout shifts for several minutes as all the ad auctions finish, and then just as you’re ready to read the content the website crashes and reloads and the circus starts over again.

severak 2.5.2023 10:00:40

ChatGPT: it has no inner monologue or meta-cognition

This is the second in a series of short posts about ChatGPT. As I said before, the insights are not particularly original, I’m just raising awareness of issues. In this post, I’ll explore the deficien

severak 19.4.2023 16:43:20

Inside the secret list of websites that make AI like ChatGPT sound smart

An analysis of a chatbot data set by The Washington Post reveals the proprietary, personal, and often offensive websites that go into an AI’s training data.

severak 7.4.2023 15:29:43

Pierre discute des semaines avec une intelligence artificielle et met fin à ses jours: "Sans ces conversations, il serait toujours là", assure sa femme

C’est une histoire à la fois tragique et interpellante. Un jeune Belge, devenu éco-anxieux, a discuté de manière intensive avec le chatbot Eliza. Après six semaines de conversations avec cette intelligence artificielle, le père de famille a mis fin à ses jours. Un suicide qui met en lumière la nécessité d’encadrer l’utilisation de ces nouveaux agents conversationnels.

severak 23.3.2023 14:11:57

Tech guru Jaron Lanier: ‘The danger isn’t that AI destroys us. It’s that it drives us insane’

The godfather of virtual reality has worked beside the web’s visionaries and power-brokers – but likes nothing more than to show the flaws of technology. He discusses how we can make AI work for us, how the internet takes away choice – and why he would ban TikTok

severak 23.3.2023 11:23:08

Why ChatGPT Won’t Replace Coders Just Yet

The “bullshit” problem turns up in code, too

severak 3.3.2023 13:03:28

What drum machines can teach us about artificial intelligence | Aeon Essays

As AI drum machines embrace humanising imperfections, what does this mean for ‘real’ drummers and the soul of music?

severak 3.3.2023 10:29:59

Není všechno zlato, co se AI. Jak mohou konverzační modely změnit média? -

Vydavatelé a novináři by měli přestat prázdně spekulovat o tom, které žurnalistické profese AI vymaže ze světa, a víc se zaměřit na skutečné problémy a…

severak 2.3.2023 15:39:05

The Epistemic Implications of AI Assistants

Lately, AI assistants based on large language models, such as OpenAI’s ChatGPT, have caused considerable excitement. The general idea is that you supply a problem, such as “here’s my Javascript code, why doesn’t it work?”, or “write two paragraphs about the political views of Bertrand Russell”, and the assistant will happily supply you with a solution. There’s good reason for excitement — these models are technically impressive, and they can certainly help us accomplish certain tasks more easily.

severak 18.2.2023 20:41:32

Introducing the AI Mirror Test, which very smart people keep failing

Chatbots like Bing are software — not sentient.

severak 18.2.2023 17:10:03

From Bing to Sydney

More on Bing, particularly the Sydney personality undergirding it: interacting with Sydney has made me completely rethink what conversational AI is important for.

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