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severak 14.9.2020 21:42:02

This multi-colored corn is real and there's a fantastic story behind it

Glass Gem corn, rainbow-colored corn, became an Internet sensation in 2012 and is now sold by Native Seeds/SEARCH based in Arizona.

severak 9.9.2020 14:54:35

Stavební normy. Silnice do horoucího pekla asfaltované dobrými úmysly

Cesta k městům, ve kterých se bude dobře žít, je zabetonovaná dobrými úmysly. Které zplodily obludné předpisy.

severak 22.8.2020 11:56:49

How the World’s Largest Garbage Dump Evolved Into a Green Oasis


severak 1.4.2020 11:26:41

Ekologickú katastrofu spomínali už v 80. rokoch. Zemplínsky trojuholník smrti stvoril najväčšie odkalisko na svete | Život

Ospevované fabriky vytvorili na Zemplíne trojuholník smrti, ktorý straší dodnes. Aj odkaliskom s najväčším obsahom toxických látok na svete.

severak 30.9.2019 15:32:15

These Pics Are Composed Of As Many Pixels As There Are Animals Still Alive In These Species


severak 22.9.2019 11:04:08

The penguins that would not explode

The minefields laid in the Falkland Islands 35 years ago have been a blessing for penguins, which are not big enough to trigger explosions. But now the time has come for their home to be demined.

severak 4.7.2019 12:17:01

Radiotrophic fungus

Radiotrophic fungi are fungi which appear to perform radiosynthesis, that is, to use the pigment melanin to convert gamma radiation into chemical energy for growth. This proposed mechanism may be similar to anabolic pathways for the synthesis of reduced organic carbon (e.g., carbohydrates) in phototrophic organisms, which convert photons from visible light with pigments such as chlorophyll whose energy is then used in photolysis of water to generate usable chemical energy (as ATP) in photophosphorylation or photosynthesis. However, whether melanin-containing fungi employ a similar multi-step pathway as photosynthesis, or some chemosynthesis pathways, is unknown. Observations Discovery Radiotrophic fungi were discovered in 1991 growing inside and around the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant. Research at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine showed that three melanin-containing fungi—Cladosporium sphaerospermum, Wangiella dermatitidis, and Cryptococcus neoformans—increased in biomass and accumulated acetate faster in an environment in which the radiation level was 500 times...

severak 1.7.2019 10:35:46

Why plants don’t die from cancer

Humans and other mammals and birds would have been killed many times over by Chernobyl's radiation that plants in the most contaminated areas received. So why is plant life so resilient to radiation and nuclear disaster?

severak 8.9.2018 20:44:53

Vědci rozluštili záhadu létajících pavouků

Týmu badatelů z Bristolu se podařilo vysvětlit takzvané balónování drobných pavouků, díky kterému dokáží plachtit vzduchem až do stovky kilometrů vzdálených míst. Využívají k tomu elektrické pole země.

severak 7.8.2018 11:42:03

V Amazonii vře řeka. Nikdo neví, proč vlastně

Smrtící vroucí řeka byla považována za indiánský mýtus. Geofyzik Andrés Ruzo v Peru objevil řeku, ve které opravdu teče vroucí voda.

severak 27.7.2018 12:16:32

Georgia Has a Coast?

As surprised as Benjamin Garland was to learn there were still gas station attendants, said Florida gas station attendant was just as surprised to learn that the expanse between Cockspur Island and Cumberland Island is Georgia's coast. And Garland has the outstanding photos to prove it.

severak 27.7.2018 09:40:53

Turritopsis dohrnii

Turritopsis dohrnii, the immortal jellyfish, is a species of small, biologically immortal jellyfish found in the Mediterranean Sea and in the waters of Japan. It is one of the few known cases of animals capable of reverting completely to a sexually immature, colonial stage after having reached sexual maturity as a solitary individual. Others include the jellyfish Laodicea undulata and Aurelia sp.1.Like most other hydrozoans, T. dohrnii begin their life as free-swimming tiny larvae known as planula. As a planula settles down, it gives rise to a colony of polyps that are attached to the sea-floor. All the polyps and jellyfish arising from a single planula are genetically identical clones. The polyps form into an extensively branched form, which is not commonly seen in most jellyfish. Jellyfish, also known as medusae, then bud off these polyps and continue their life in a free-swimming form, eventually becoming sexually mature. When sexually mature they have been known to prey on other jellyfish species at a rapid pace. If a T. dohrnii jellyfish is exposed to environmental stress or physical assault...

severak 26.7.2018 09:47:27

Darwin comes to town: how cities are creating new species

From the nut-cracking crows of Sendai to ‘Turdus urbanicus’ (the new urban blackbird), animals are changing their behaviour and evolution in cities – and in dramatic and surprising ways

severak 18.7.2018 14:04:28

Please, enough with the dead butterflies!

This is an unnatural position for the wings; it’s a pose that may be possible for the insect to assume in life, but not a position that most species typically assume.

severak 3.7.2018 12:03:54

Polští ekologové mají problém, z lokátorů čápa někdo v Súdánu vyjmul SIM kartu a teď s ní telefonuje. Účet za volání je astronomický -

Polská charitativní organizace zabývající se mimo jiné migrací čápů čelí kurióznímu problému. Poté, co se signál GPS lokátoru čápa, kterého polští biologové sledovali, přestal ozývat, přišel organizaci účet za telefon. Částka je to astronomická.

severak 3.7.2018 10:44:58

Friendly Floatees

Friendly Floatees are plastic bath toys marketed by The First Years, Inc. and made famous by the work of Curtis Ebbesmeyer, an oceanographer who models ocean currents on the basis of flotsam movements. Ebbesmeyer studied the movements of a consignment of 29,000 Friendly Floatees—yellow ducks, red beavers, blue turtles and green frogs—which were washed into the Pacific Ocean in 1992. Some of the toys landed along Pacific Ocean shores, such as Hawaii. Others traveled over 17,000 miles, floating over the site where the Titanic sank, and spent years frozen in Arctic ice to reach the Eastern Seaboard, British and Irish shores 15 years later in 2007. Oceanography A consignment of Friendly Floatee toys, manufactured in China for The First Years Inc., departed from Hong Kong on a container ship, the Ever Laurel, destined for Tacoma, Washington. On 10 January 1992, during a storm in the North Pacific Ocean close to the International Date Line, twelve 40-foot (12-m) intermodal containers were washed overboard. One of these containers held 28,800 Floatees, a child's bath toy which came in a number of forms...

severak 20.6.2018 15:56:13

The Icelandic Families Tracking Climate Change With Measuring Tape

Volunteers who have been monitoring glaciers for generations are firsthand witnesses to a warming Arctic landscape.

severak 8.6.2018 10:08:14

Proč se v Česku znovu nenaučíte žít s vlky, ptá se slovenský ochranář -

Od poloviny 90. let se v Česku znovu objevuje šelma, kterou jsme kdysi vyhubili. Máme věřit strašidelné pohádce o Červené karkulce, nebo má strach z predátorů velké oči? Magazín Víkend MF DNES vyzpovídal ochranáře Juraje Lukáče z Vlčích hor na východě Slovenska. Podle něj se vlci přišli do Česka uzdravovat.

severak 30.4.2018 13:26:47

No, Dopamine is Not Addictive

Please Stop Calling Dopamine an Addictive Rewarding Neurochemical

severak 28.4.2018 22:33:53

Historic vs Present Geographical Distribution of Lions

The lion (Panthera leo), once widely distributed across most of Africa and parts of Europe and Asia, is now confined to a number of isolated areas as shown on the map.

severak 15.4.2018 10:26:31

Church in forests...

I saw this on an OS map and couldn't not investigate. A place of worship symbol in the middle of bloody nowhere on the edge of a wood. It was a foggy, atmospheric day up on the North Downs, so I decided to walk three sides of a square through the wood to reach it.

severak 14.4.2018 21:02:57

Was There a Civilization On Earth Before Humans?

A look at the available evidence

severak 8.2.2018 10:40:17

The red and green specialists: why human colour vision is so odd – James P Higham | Aeon Ideas

Most mammals rely on scent rather than sight. Look at a dog’s eyes, for example: they’re usually on the sides of its face, not close together and forward-facing like ours. Having eyes on the side is good for creating a broad field of vision, but b...

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