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severak 20.1.2022 10:13:32

Is Old Music Killing New Music?

All the growth in the music business now comes from old songs—with consumption of new music actually shrinking. How did we get here, and is there a way back?

severak 13.1.2022 16:34:13

Colors: Where did they go? An investigation.

Why do so many TV shows and movies look like they were filmed in a gray wasteland?

severak 12.1.2022 14:13:42

Naladili nás radioamatéři až v Japonsku, vzpomíná bývalý technik vysílače Topolná


severak 12.1.2022 14:00:02

Řidiči opilí Rohlíkem | Aktuálně.cz

Protest kurýrů digitálního supermarketu upozornil na tajemství "božího jídla bez front". A připomněl, kdo platí za pohodlí spokojených zákazníků.

severak 11.1.2022 10:35:24

19-Year-Old Student Hides Spy Camera In His Clothing To Take Secret Street Photos In The 1890s

Carl Størmer (1872-1957) enjoyed a hobby that was very, very unusual at the time. He walked around Oslo, Norway in the 1890s with his spy camera and secretly took everyday pictures of people. The subjects in Størmer's pictures appear in their natural state. It extremely differs from the grave and strict posing trends that dominated in photography during those years.

severak 11.1.2022 10:14:43

A Few Things I’ve Learned About Livestreaming


severak 6.1.2022 11:47:41

Crypto: the good, the bad and the ugly

It has been very frustrating watching the rise of cryptocurrency (which, forgive me cryptographers, I will be calling "crypto" from here on) because a whole bunch of smart people in tech seem to be very, very excited about it. When good new things show up in tech, I've generally found them intriguing. I'm by no means an early adopter, but once the train is leaving the station I am generally on board. But crypto hasn't grabbed me like that. Every time I dig into crypto I find things that s

severak 6.1.2022 10:53:58

Nude Pictures on early Retro PCs — Was it Possible?

The JPEG image format was introduced in 1993 and GIF was released in 1987. Was it possible to watch nude photos on this lovely portable…

severak 3.1.2022 12:25:16

Digital Real Estate and the Digital Housing Crisis

As long as there has been digital real estate, there have been digital housing crises, which typically stem from a shortage of digital land.

severak 1.1.2022 20:53:34

Chindogu: Japan’s Art of Useless Inventions | Equilibrium Fans


severak 29.12.2021 14:26:13

The Book of Veles: How Jonas Bendiksen Hoodwinked the Photography Industry | Magnum Photos Magnum Photos

The photographer explains the many layers of intrigue that went into the creation of his book about misinformation in the contemporary media landscape

severak 29.12.2021 10:23:37

Making sounds using SDL and visualizing them on a simulated oscillosco

The most important part of Vectron is the real-time generation and visualization of audio. In the previous blog post I already built a simulated XY oscilloscope which I'll use to visualize the two ste

severak 28.12.2021 13:31:19

Inside the Online Movement to End Work

r/antiwork started as a small corner of far-left Reddit. Then the liberals came.

severak 23.12.2021 09:15:51

How to Draw S-Curved Arrows Between Boxes / Rectangles

When I was building the spatial “tool for thought”, Jade, one frequently requested feature was drawing arrows between blocks, so we could make mind maps, flowcharts, etc. Here’s how I made it.

severak 4.12.2021 15:59:16

The weirdest book in the world just turned 40. We talked to its creator.

Italian artist Luigi Serafini gives us a look inside the 40th anniversary edition of his beautifully bizarre Codex Seraphinianus.

severak 3.12.2021 13:55:47

A Conflict of Blurred Visions

A response on ivermectin to one of my heroes, Scott Alexander

severak 1.12.2021 22:31:47


Wiki for Collaborative Studies of Arts, Media and Humanities

severak 1.12.2021 22:24:30

Dream palaces: Richard Stanley hymns the Scala cinema

The director of Dust Devil, Hardware and Color Out of Space recalls dealing drugs to Dario Argento at the cultiest of all London cinemas.

severak 1.12.2021 13:11:25

Right-clickers vs. the monkey JPG owners

Read to the end for a really good supercut

severak 30.11.2021 12:36:42

How I became the internet’s most notorious bike thief - CyclingTips


severak 29.11.2021 14:14:21

Yuval Noah Harari: Lessons from a year of Covid | Free to read

In a year of scientific breakthroughs — and political failures — what can we learn for the future?

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