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severákova polívka

asi zelňačka (mainly in czech)

(fork of

severak 22.7.2024 23:48:43

#120 INVCEL | Reply All

How a shy, queer Canadian woman accidentally invented one of the internet’s most toxic male communities.

severak 22.7.2024 18:39:05

compudanzas — permacomputing

permacomputing is a holistic approach to computing and sustainability inspired from permaculture.

severak 22.7.2024 18:07:12

The computer built to last 50 years

The computer built to last 50 years par Ploum - Lionel Dricot.

severak 4.7.2024 16:48:42

Shipt’s Pay Algorithm Squeezed Gig Workers. They Fought Back

When their pay suddenly dropped, delivery drivers audited their employer

severak 21.3.2024 14:24:33

Pod čarou: Když nevidíme pod povrch technologií, ztrácíme nad nimi moc - Seznam Zprávy

Abychom se s technologiemi naučili pracovat, musíme nejdřív vědět, jak fungují. Je to však stále těžší úkol a dnešní Pod čarou proto zkoumá, proč nás digitální giganti zatvrzele odmítají pustit do útrob svých kouzelných udělátek.

severak 3.2.2024 18:12:50

Pod čarou: Z mužství se stal politický názor. V generaci Z roste trhlina - Seznam Zprávy

Naše politické názory vždy utvářela řada vlivů. Politický kompas generace Z ale začíná výrazně ovlivňovat i pohlaví a dnešní Pod čarou proto zkoumá, proč se mezi mladými muži a ženami začíná vytvářet příkop nejen u volebních uren.

severak 2.1.2024 01:36:03

The Age of Making Money is Over. The middle-class is done.


severak 17.12.2023 18:25:53

7 Months Inside an Online Scam Labor Camp

A man was abducted by a Chinese gang and forced to work in a scam operation. He gathered financial information, photos and videos and shared the material with The New York Times.

severak 13.12.2023 09:38:58

Problém jsou buřťáci, ne trampové. Nelegální kempy mě překvapily, říká šéf Kokořínska | Aktuálně.cz

"Je iluze, že správa chodí běžně na kontroly do terénu," hájí se v rozhovoru pro Aktuálně.cz šéf chráněné krajinné oblasti.

severak 27.9.2023 11:46:31

How Programming Shapes the Mind

I investigate how and why my behavior changes when coding regularily.

severak 15.9.2023 13:05:01

The AI Detection Arms Race Is On

And college students are developing the weapons, quickly building tools that identify AI-generated text—and tools to evade detection. 

severak 7.9.2023 16:01:55

Surviving disillusionment

Engineers don't have a daily ritual that reminds us why we got into the field. Without a ritual, the drudgery creeps closer and the vision of the monastery recedes.

severak 30.8.2023 01:14:40

The Mystery of Chernobyl’s Post-Invasion Radiation Spikes

Soon after Russian troops invaded Ukraine in February 2022, sensors in the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone reported radiation spikes. A researcher now believes he’s found evidence the data was manipulated.

severak 26.8.2023 00:15:29

The EU's war on behavioral advertising

Meta recently conceded that in-app behavioral advertising in the EU can no longer be opt-in by default, marking the end of an era. The regulators won, at least for now.

severak 24.8.2023 12:52:18

Most of My Instagram Ads Are for Drugs, Stolen Credit Cards, Hacked Accounts, Counterfeit Money, and Weapons

The ads are a window into a blatantly illegal underground economy that Meta is not only failing to moderate, but is actively profiting from and injecting into users’ feeds.

severak 19.8.2023 23:27:48

Russia amplifies right-wing influence campaign to undermine support for Ukraine by exploiting Hawaii's tragedy

A deep, deep dive into the symbiotic relationship between right-wing influencers, Russian state media, and the shared disinformation ecosystem in which they live.

severak 5.8.2023 21:05:32

Language Is a Poor Heuristic for Intelligence

With the emergence of LLM “AI”, everyone will have to learn what many disabled people have always understood

severak 17.7.2023 15:07:30

Pluralistic: Tiktok's enshittification (21 Jan 2023)


severak 17.7.2023 13:00:14

When Open Becomes Opaque: The Changing Face of Open-Source Hardware Companies

Over the last 15+ years, innovative electronics companies have designed and released thousands of open-source hardware designs, creating a flourishing industry. Open-source hardware companies colle…

severak 13.7.2023 10:21:11

Stop Trying to Make Social Networks Succeed

Stop Trying to Make Social Networks Succeed écrit par Ploum, Lionel Dricot, ingénieur, écrivain de science-fiction, développeur de logiciels libres.

severak 11.7.2023 15:08:16

You're So Vain, You Probably Think This App Is About You: On Meta and Mastodon

Those of you not plugged into the Mastodon community may not be aware of the predominant reaction to Instagram Threads. This started when it was merely rumored, reaching a crescendo with reports that...

severak 11.7.2023 14:46:13

Threads and the Social/Communications Map

Understanding Threads and its threat to Twitter means understanding the current landscape of social media.

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