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severak 3.2.2023 01:55:43

Toolbox — Beautiful Trouble

Dive into the Beautiful Trouble toolbox, an interconnected web of ideas and creative best practices that puts the power of organizing for social change in your hands. Start anywhere and explore…

severak 31.1.2023 09:50:15

Proč Rusové vyvolali globální hysterii z jaderné války? Nejspíš jen potřebovali vyklidit Cherson - VOXPOT


severak 30.1.2023 00:17:48

MIDIMAN Melody Kit Version 1.0 (130,000 MIDI Files)


severak 27.1.2023 15:55:35

The Mystery of the Dune Font

Putting a name to the typeface that defined the visual identity of the science fiction series and its author, Frank Herbert

severak 26.1.2023 13:41:19

Arseny Avraamov - Monoskop

Wiki for Arts and Studies

severak 19.1.2023 00:31:12

Když uši slyší, co slyšet chtějí. Babišův údajný výrok pohledem forenzního fonetika -

Fonetická analýza dokáže odhalit, co bylo řečeno i na poměrně nekvalitní nahrávce. Někdy je správné určení obsahu promluvy otázkou téměř života a smrti.

severak 17.1.2023 01:11:51

The tragedy of the commons is a false and dangerous myth | Aeon Essays

Far from being profoundly destructive, we humans have deep capacities for sharing resources with generosity and foresight

severak 17.1.2023 01:03:02

The End of Burning

For millions of years, fire was our main form of energy. With renewables, it comes to an end

severak 16.1.2023 17:22:26

„Já říkám jen pravdu.“ Babiš proměnil tiskovou konferenci v ohňostroj výmyslů. Ověřili jsme je

Já chci říct, že jsem slíbil, že povedu kampaň slušně. A taky jsem ji vedl slušně.

severak 16.1.2023 09:50:27

Jak tvořit systematické barvy pro digitální produkty - Blog | Jiří Chlebus


severak 10.1.2023 18:04:11

Rjalker: Here’s how to make The Murderbot Diaries 80% less casually transphobic, for each book and short story published so far as of 11/21/22

This post is literally just me picking out a section from each book and adding in things to explicitly establish Murderbot’s pronouns, normalize the characters asking eachother what their pronouns are/listing them in their fucking brainchip social media profiles, and maybe even more importantly, making it so that sex is not equated with gender.Murderbot and all the other bots and constructs so far being agender because they’re all robots (shut up if you’re going to argue semantics) who don’t have genitals is transphobic.

severak 10.1.2023 11:01:04

Yamaha Tenori-on

The Yamaha Tenori-on is an electronic musical instrument designed and created by the Japanese artist Toshio Iwai and Yu Nishibori of the Music and Human Interface Group at the Yamaha Center for Advanced Sound Technology. Description The Tenori-on consists of a hand-held screen in which a sixteen-by-sixteen grid of LED switches are held within a magnesium plastic frame. Any of these switches may be activated in a number of different ways to create sounds. Two built-in speakers are located on the top of the frame, as well as a dial and buttons that control the type of sound and beats per minute produced. There are two versions of the device available. The original TNR-W (Tenori-On White) features a magnesium frame, 256 rear panel LEDs and can run on batteries whilst the more affordable TNR-O (Tenori-On Orange) features a white plastic frame, has no rear LEDs and does not take batteries. The modes and sound sets in these instruments are the same. Both devices have an LCD screen on the bottom edge of the frame. Using the connection function, it is possible to play a synchronized session, or to send and receive songs...

severak 1.1.2023 01:18:33

Draw SVG rope using JavaScript

This is an interactive article. To fully experience it, you'll need to turn JavaScript on. Today, I'll take you through the process I came up with …

severak 22.12.2022 10:29:14

Why the super rich are inevitable

Why some mathematicians argue the economy is designed to create a few super rich people – unless we stop it.

severak 21.12.2022 11:37:26

College-Educated Professionals Are Capitalism’s Useful Idiots

How I got co-opted into helping the rich prevail at the expense of everybody else

severak 20.12.2022 14:33:52

How to draw ugly lines really fast

Beyond textbook Bresenham Introduction Every now and then (don't ask) I have to yet again write a subpixel-accurate but NOT antialiased line drawer....

severak 17.12.2022 22:46:27

The internet wants to be fragmented

Throwing the whole world into a single room together doesn't work.

severak 14.12.2022 10:13:10

How to buy a social network, with Tumblr CEO Matt Mullenweg

Matt Mullenweg explains the myriad challenges now being faced by Elon Musk.

severak 8.12.2022 10:13:11

I wrote a story for a friend

In which I liberate the ending to Minecraft from Microsoft… and give it to you.

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severak 30.11.2022 11:45:09

Three Months of Insurrection

In the following timeline and interview, an anarchist collective in Hong Kong presents a complete overview of the months-long uprising, reviewing its achievements, identifying its limits, celebrati...

severak 28.11.2022 15:58:19

FFmpeg - Ultimate Guide | IMG.LY Blog

This guide covers the ins and outs of FFmpeg starting with fundamental concepts and moving to media transcoding and video and audio processing providing practical examples along the way.

severak 23.11.2022 10:03:16


A curated list of Fediverse applications based on the ActivityPub protocol.

severak 22.11.2022 12:38:34

GitHub - andreassolberg/jso: Easy to use OAuth 2.0 javascript library for use in your javascript application.

Easy to use OAuth 2.0 javascript library for use in your javascript application. - GitHub - andreassolberg/jso: Easy to use OAuth 2.0 javascript library for use in your javascript application.

severak 20.11.2022 20:16:57

Internet Imperialism: the Colonial Age

I came across a post on the 'verse recently that referenced Microsoft's business strategy of "embrace and extend" in reference to Twitter's future.…

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