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severak 14.8.2021 17:18:57

all fun and games, dokud nepotřebuješ srát, když si zrovna v provazech
— T

severak 21.5.2021 13:47:26

if you ever code something that "feels like a hack but it works," just remember that a CPU is literally a rock that we tricked into thinking
— daisyowl

severak 17.1.2021 12:48:00

Sumus semper in excretum, sed alta variat

severak 2.1.2020 12:13:47

Software Disenchantment (2018) | Hacker News


Programming is now a bureaucracy.

[1] "In any bureaucracy, the people devoted to the benefit of the bureaucracy itself always get in control and those dedicated to the goals the bureaucracy is supposed to accomplish have less and less influence, and sometimes are eliminated entirely"



That's a good observation on many levels.

For instance, I started noticing that a lot of the code I've written or worked with in many projects have a particular flavor to it. Pieces that take some data, repackage it, and pass it on to different code that does essentially the same - all arranged in a structure that's supposed to reflect some shared, abstract understanding of the problem. I've started to call this type of code "bureaucracy", and I see it as something to be kept in check.

severak 7.12.2019 23:45:12

Humans are sex organs for the machine world
— Starman256

severak 20.11.2019 17:05:52

kqr 8 hours ago [-]

Similarly, Excusez-moi; parlez-vous Anglais? is how you get a French person to speak English.

eps 7 hours ago [-]

The full handshake sequence is usually longer that this.

They will first reply with "Non", often coupled with a wounded look.

Then you have to start speaking in a very broken French, ideally with a monstrous accent (though this comes naturally).

And only then they will suddenly re-discover their long forgotten English skills, which will turn out to be quite decent.
— some guys at HN

severak 3.10.2019 17:19:14

there's only 12 notes, and millions of hours of music are produced every year

— kirch

severak 25.9.2019 15:11:54

something to spice up your typography: instead of using "The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog" as a test sentence, use "The brown fox quickly jumped on the zombies."

— khuxkm

severak 2.8.2019 10:24:21

This result is folklore, which is a technical term for a method of publication in category theory. It means that someone sketched it on the back of an envelope, mimeographed it (whatever that means) and showed it to three people in a seminar in Chicago in 1973, except that the only evidence that we have of these events is a comment that was overheard in another seminar at Columbia in 1976. Nevertheless, if some younger person is so presumptuous as to write out a proper proof and attempt to publish it, they will get shot down in flames.


— Paul Taylor

severak 19.4.2019 11:05:24

The interview: Slavoj Žižek

Maybe in the 20th century we wanted to change the world too quickly. Now, instead of only changing the world, we should also learn to step back and interpret it again in a better way.

severak 10.4.2019 10:11:14

r/programming - The "996.ICU" GitHub repo from protesting Chinese Tech workers becomes the second most starred repo of all time. Currently it's it has 201k stars, while vue.js sits at 135k and TensorFlow sits at 125k.

Despite what history books teach, revolutions don't start with a bang, they start with a few frogs asking each other if the pool feels warm.

severak 8.4.2019 17:13:02

Sophie Marceau: Dangerous Liasons

What does beauty do? It creates a distance between the observer and the observed. And in that space we paint her with our fantasies.

severak 29.3.2019 14:24:11

#1Jean Renoir - Parle De Son Art


severak 29.3.2019 14:23:54

Jean Renoir on Technology and Art

Renoir says that “in the history of all the arts, the arrival of perfect realism has coincided with a perfect decadence.”

severak 29.3.2019 14:07:23

When the technique is primitive, everything is beautiful, and when the technique is perfected, almost everything is ugly.

— Jean Renoir

severak 18.3.2019 11:04:10

Láska je největší komplikací života, a kdo si život nekomplikuje, není šťasten ani hodinu.

— Archibald Joseph Cronin

severak 27.2.2019 17:03:28

Language is technology. Until you can name [something], you can’t get at it.
— Mark Firsher

severak 16.11.2018 15:05:20

I don't want to attempt a revolution. I just want to live.

— staplebutter

severak 1.11.2018 11:18:27

Nechápu tu drzost, že zrovna lidé, kteří mají tendenci říkat lidem s kým spát, koho si vzít, co nosit na sebe, ve kterého boha věřit, kde si udělat tetování, kde se pohybovat s dready na hlavě, které substance užívat a jaká barva pleti má převažovat v naší společnosti, zrovna mě, člověka, co tohle řešit programově nechce, nazývají sociálním inženýrem.

— ?

severak 12.10.2018 23:16:33

I always found it revolting that the Christian God told humans not to eat from the tree of knowledge. Fuck that. What a bullshit premise to deal with the world.
— Johannes Grenzfurthner

severak 2.10.2018 14:17:24

Computer Memory: 640K Ought to be Enough for Anyone


severak 20.9.2018 12:24:43

Lepší než vysedávat v knihovně je spávat se sečtělou ženou.
— Gaius Asinius Pollio

severak 20.9.2018 12:21:17

If you torture data long enough, it will confess to anything you'd like.
— R.H.Coase

severak 14.8.2018 11:41:17

Je jedno, kolik v budově máte zásuvek, vždy jich je nedostatek.

— Ondřej Koch

severak 2.8.2018 14:30:07

from youtube comments (on some Italo disco song):

A: I can only wonder what life in '80s Italy was like, but music like this gives me all sorts of ideas.

B: Bombs tearing train stations apart and killing hundreds, hyperinflation, Red Brigades commandos, political instability, corruption... music was the only good aspect of life here in Italy during the 80's.

severak 18.7.2018 10:39:18

Designing human-computer experience isn’t about building a better desktop. It’s about creating imaginary worlds that have a special relationship to reality—worlds in which we can extend, amplify, and enrich our own capacities to think, feel, and act.

— Brenda Laurel, Computers as Theatre

severak 5.7.2018 17:42:05

Obchod s obilím, právě tak jako láska, nezná hranic. Řeč čočky je mezinárodní. Války přicházejí a války přestávají, ale slepičí zob roste pořád.

— Patrick Ryan: Jak jsem vyhrál válku

severak 21.2.2018 14:51:50

Digital data lasts forever, or five years, whichever comes first.

— Jeff Rothenberg

severak 21.2.2018 11:29:55

How to Replace Google's AMP Without Slowing It Down | Hacker News

I'm sick of new wheels. I'm sick of progress. I'm sick of advertisements, scripts, pretty fonts, pop ups, pagination, and columns of useless distraction. I'm sick of commentary by ignorant intolerant insensitive paranoid outraged strangers. I'm sick of trying to read a news article and being assaulted by the equivalent of five kinds of media warring for my attention. I'm sick of likes. I'm sick of sharing. I'm sick of people who have seemingly made it their purpose in life to annoy me. I'm sick of technology.

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