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severak 11.1.2024 13:32:17

What’s wrong with privilege theory? • International Socialism


severak 11.1.2024 13:31:54

Don’t say ‘privilege’: can the left find better words for talking with people on the right?

Polarizing words may be throwing progressives off course – but research might hold lessons for the left on how to have more meaningful conversations

severak 31.8.2017 09:38:33



Not sure what’s funnier, thinking Obama was president in 2005 or not realizing that’s a picture of Condoleezza Rice.

Deflecting criticism of the Trump administration by blaming the Obama administration for a disaster that happened under the George W. Bush administration AND the inability to tell two black women apart is like, the entire GOP brand in one shit diamond of a hot take

severak 30.7.2017 17:04:56

You have reached teh end...