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Sdílené vzpomínky, reálie a naděje

Sdílené vzpomínky, reálie a naděje, redakce, KN 4/2020

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GoNotes.adoc · master · Eric S. Raymond / reposurgeon

A tool for editing version-control repositories and translating among different systems. Supports git, bzr, Subversion, darcs, and fossil directly, also hg, CVS, and RCS through plugins.

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Interview with Ingrid Burrington

What is the internet, really? Ingrid Burrington studies the networked infrastructure like submarine cables, data centers, and antennas that make up our fantasy of the virtual “cloud”. We sat down with the Brooklyn-based artist, writer, and technology researcher to talk about internet, magic, power, and being comfortable with failure in the often sexist world of technology.

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Studio N: V pátrání po vrazích Kuciaka pomohl Facebook i operátoři. Poslechněte si, po jakých stopách šli policisté

Spáchat nájemnou vraždu a zmizet bez odhalení je v čase moderních technologií mimořádně složité. Ukazuje to případ vraždy Jána Kuciaka a Martiny Kušnírové. Pokud policie vynaloží dostatek úsilí a je precizní a technologicky zdatná, s velkou pravděpodobností zachytí stopu, která ji nakonec přivede k pachateli. Poslechněte si, po jakých stopách šla slovenská policie.

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The Disturbing Case of the Disappearing Sci-Fi Story

A young writer wrote a controversial bit of military science fiction about sexual politics. The fallout was nuclear.

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William Gibson: ‘I was losing a sense of how weird the real world was'

The writer who invented ‘cyberspace’ – and possibly the most influential living sci-fi author – on the challenges of keeping up with a reality even stranger than fiction

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Don’t Blame the Internet for New Slang


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Celibát by měl být dobrovolný, pro faráře v terénu nemá smysl, říká kněz Vácha | Domov |

Povinný celibát neodmyslitelně patří k římskokatolické církvi, kněz Marek Orko Vácha si ale myslí, že by měl být dobrovolný. „Celibát má obrovský význam pro řádové kněze v klášterech, ale nejsem si úplně jistý, jestli má význam pro faráře, kteří jsou v terénu a vedou farnost,“ říká v rozhovoru pro server V čase třicátého výročí sametové revoluce se rozpovídal i o tom, jak byla za komunismu církev pokřivená a řada kněží spolupracovala s StB.

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Why xHamster Is So Much Better at Content Moderation Than Facebook

Laws hold the porn industry accountable for dangerous content — and it’s thriving nonetheless

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Stav médií a kultury v současné České republice

Stav médií a kultury v současné České republice, Tomáš Koloc, KN 39/2019

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Šibík: Oddechl jsem si, Koudelka mi pochválil pět fotek, je to Bůh, já talent nemám | Aktuálně.cz

Udělal jsem spoustu chyb, tehdy jsem to neviděl. Na Národní třídě jsem dostal strach, že přijdu o filmy, ale odešel jsem včas, říká fotograf Jan Šibík

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The movie that doesn’t exist and the Redditors who think it does

In the early Nineties, roughly around 1994, a now 52-year-old man named Don ordered two copies of a brand new video for the rental store his uncle owned and he helped to run.

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Hello darkness, my old friend  |

Many devices now support an operating system wide dark mode or dark theme experience. This post explains how dark mode can be supported on web pages, lists best practices, and introduces a custom element named dark-mode-toggle that allows web developers to offer users a way to override their operating system level preference on specific web pages.

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European Spreadsheet Risks Interest Group - spreadsheet risk management and solutions conference

EuSpRIG offers Risk Managers the world's only independent, authoritative & comprehensive web based information describing the current state of the art in Spreadsheet Risk Management.

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Men Have No Friends and Women Bear the Burden

Women are increasingly playing the role of best friend, lover, and on-call therapist to their male partners.

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Mosuo women

The Mosuo (Chinese: 摩梭; pinyin: Mósuō) are a small ethnic group living in Yunnan and Sichuan provinces in China, close to the border with Tibet. Dubbed the 'Kingdom of Women' by the Chinese, the Mosuo population of about 50,000 live near Lugu Lake in the Tibetan Himalayas 27°42′35.30″N 100°47′4.04″E. Scholars use diverse terms and spellings to designate the Mosuo culture. Most prefer 'Mosuo' some spell it 'Moso', while a minority use neither term, but refer to them as the Na people. The Mosuo people are known as the 'Kingdom of Women' because the Na are a matrilineal society: heterosexual activity occurs only by mutual consent and mostly through the custom of the secret nocturnal 'visit'; men and women are free to have multiple partners, and to initiate or break off relationships when they please. The origin of matrilineality/matriarchal ...

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Why Every Vehicle Should Have An Electric Motor, Even If It Doesn't Have A Plug

I'll start off this article by admitting that I was totally wrong on the subject of this article a couple of years ago. Sometimes your first impression of a technology is clouded by your biases, sometimes it is clouded by your lack of knowledge, sometimes it is just laziness. In my case, it was all 3.

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Czech The Difference | Features | Red Dwarf - The Official Website

The official website of Red Dwarf, the cult science-fiction comedy show

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The upside down: inside Manhattan’s Lowline subterranean park

In two years’ time, the Lower East Side will be home to the world’s first underground ‘green’ space – the Lowline

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„Lidé zoufale hledají odpovědi na automatizovanou budoucnost,“ říká temný filozof Nick Land

Vliv filozofa Nicka Landa na současnou intelektuální scénu je nedocenitelný. V jeho práci se potkává H. P. Lovecraft a vize světa ovládaného umělou inteligencí. Jak se dívá na prudký rozvoj umělé inteligence, který sám v 90. letech předpověděl? V rozhovoru Land analyzuje tříštící se dosavadní světový řád a mluví o propojení politiky a fikce.

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Euthanasia Coaster

The Euthanasia Coaster is an art concept for a steel roller coaster designed to kill its passengers. In 2010, it was designed and made into a scale model by Julijonas Urbonas, a PhD candidate at the Royal College of Art in London. Urbonas, who has worked at an amusement park, stated that the goal of his concept roller coaster is to take lives "with elegance and euphoria". As for practical applications of his design, Urbonas mentioned "euthanasia" or "execution". John Allen, who served as president of the Philadelphia Toboggan Company, inspired Urbonas with his description of the "ultimate" roller coaster as one that "sends out 24 people and they all come back dead". Design The concept design of the layout begins with a steep-angled lift to the 510-metre (1,670 ft) (0.317 mile) top, which would take two minutes for the 24-passenger train to reach. Any passengers that wished to get off could then do so. From there, a 500-metre (1,600 ft) drop would take the train to 360 kilometres per hour (220 mph), close to its terminal velocity, before flattening out and speeding into the first of its seven slightly...

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Nejxenofobnější národ - o nesmrtelnosti blábolu

12. srpna 2017 (uvádím pro příští generace) publikovala Facebooková stránka Amazing Maps tuto mapku s odvoláním na MapPorn . Norm...

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The urge to share news of our lives is neither new nor narcissistic – Lee Humphreys | Aeon Ideas

Long before Facebook and Instagram, there were diaries and scrapbooks: the urge to share is neither new nor narcissistic

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