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severak 22.1.2020 00:23:58

The (Somewhat) Definitive Guide to Dungeon Synth

I've been wanting to make this for a long time, but only recently have I been comfortable that I could make this well. All the time I get questions on how to get into Dungeon Synth and people begging for recs, and finally I'm here to make a guide so I don't have to just scrounge to guess what the other person wants. There are a couple other Dungeon Synth lists on RYM, but other than maybe theloserof08's, none of them are well organized at all (or imo have that much quality control). Here is a organized, (somewhat) definitive guide to a very esoteric genre that doesn't have too many resources. I'll be updating this over time, so hopefully this will grow in the future, so keep that favorite as it won't stay this "small" (compared to my other lists I guess) for now. Now in convenient chart format - EDIT: 200 favs wow! God this list needs reorganizing and updating badly, but until then im glad you guys are enjoying it.