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severak 3.2.2021 17:10:14

Clippy: The Unauthorized Biography


severak 3.2.2021 16:31:21

John Leavitt talks ethical consumption under capitalism @ Drunk Educate


severak 19.10.2020 10:04:46

Země v nouzi: Země v nouzi - pandemie pokračuje: Jak teď a kudy dál?

Debata odborníků zaměřená na souhrn aktuálního dění

severak 20.9.2020 00:34:20

The Psychology of Conspiracy Deniers


severak 4.9.2020 13:42:04

How Does a 39 Year Old Song Top the Charts Again? (Rant)


severak 2.9.2020 10:54:05

The Lonely Fans of OnlyFans


severak 20.7.2020 14:32:16

Slavoj Zizek — Trotsky VS Lenin: How to Organise a Revolution


severak 18.6.2020 12:07:53

Liebe Dein Symptom wie Dich selbst! / Love Thy Symptom as Thyself (1996)


severak 3.6.2020 16:04:02

Archiv ČT24: Odstřely a demolice

Z odstřelů starých domů, průmyslových staveb nebo přírodních masivů se stala věda

severak 25.5.2020 10:03:21

STANICE I. P. PAVLOVA - trasa C pražského metra (dokument o výstavbě z let 1971 - 1974)


severak 25.5.2020 09:58:00

STAVÍME METRO (Amatérský dokumentární film Super 8 z roku 1971)


severak 11.5.2020 09:39:01

Tonight We Riot Devs Wanted To Make An 'Unapologetically Leftist' Game

“Politics” has become a dirty word in gaming, especially when angrily screamed—or, as is usually the case, frantically typed—by a vocal minority of reactionary video game fans. But for more progressive players, games often aren’t political enough. Or, when they do take a position, they push objectionable conservative concepts like capitalism, imperialism, and militarism. Tonight We Riot bucks these trends by proudly wearing its decidedly leftist ideology on its sleeve.

severak 11.5.2020 06:58:00

Kraftwerk: Popzoo TV Special (Karl Bartos & Wolfgang Flür)


severak 29.3.2020 14:32:11

Rise of The Doomer: Why So Many People Are Giving Up


severak 26.2.2020 10:26:30

Brutalisme et béton brut: pourquoi la cité est devenue cool ?


severak 4.2.2020 12:47:12

Amiga Samplers : Budget dance music in 1990


severak 14.1.2020 14:58:33

A train ride to the Czech Republic | DW Documentary


severak 10.1.2020 12:09:10

Kowloon Walled City Documentary (with subs)


severak 18.11.2019 10:21:59

The situation in Xinjiang [新疆 - شىنجاڭ ]: report on my latest visit to China [part 1]


severak 8.11.2019 14:15:26

Great Railway Journeys

Great Railway Journeys, originally titled Great Railway Journeys of the World, is a recurring series of travel documentaries produced by BBC Television. The premise of each programme is that the presenter, typically a well-known figure from the arts or media, would make a journey by train, usually through a country or to a destination to which they had a personal connection. The first series, which used the longer title, was broadcast on BBC2 in 1980. After a 14-year hiatus, a further three series were broadcast between 1994 and 1999, using the shorter series title. Similar series were broadcast in 1983, Great Little Railways, and 2010, Great British Railway Journeys. The first series is notable in that it featured the first television travelogue by comedian and comic actor Michael Palin (Confessions of a Trainspotter), who would go on to become as well known for his travel series (such as Pole to Pole and Sahara) as for his comedy. English musician and sound artist Chris Watson worked as an audio recorder for the fourth episode "Los Mochis to Veracruz" of the fourth season...

severak 12.9.2019 01:07:03


The acclaimed artist-filmmaker Oliver Payne, with the help of one-time ANSI artist Kevin Bouton-Scott, has created a film exploring the…

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