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severak 22.7.2021 18:36:56

(Hon. Mention) Mapping Divided Berlin: The Politics of Under- and Over- Representation


severak 23.8.2020 21:40:21

Geohazardy (ČGS 2019)

Mapa úložných míst těžebního odpadu, důlních děl a poddolovaných území, sesuvů a radonového rizika pro mobily a tablety

severak 24.4.2020 09:55:45

Palestine Open Maps

Palestine Open Maps is a platform that seeks to combine emerging technologies for mapping and immersive storytelling to:

  • Open-source and make searchable, for the first time, a uniquely detailed set of historic maps from the period of the British Mandate of Palestine;
  • Curate layered visual stories that bring to life absent and hidden geographies, in collaboration with data journalists, academic researchers, and civil society groups.

This alpha version of the platform allows users to navigate and search the historic map sheets, and to view basic data about present and erased localities.

severak 5.3.2020 10:02:20

For Decades, Cartographers Have Been Hiding Covert Illustrations Inside of Switzerland’s Official Maps


severak 18.12.2019 09:37:13

Works : inat

inat mapmaking wayfinding architecture

severak 23.9.2019 10:50:54

Folding paper globes

These printable origami globes are a great teaching resource or a fun family activity. Simply download, print and enjoy! Each globe folds into an accurate and very detailed topographic globe. These paper globes are a completely free resource!

severak 23.9.2019 10:33:50

Map Tutorials

A list of the map tutorials so far... It Begins  - A quick overview Villages  - Basic buildings Jungle Trails  - Forests and some new op...

severak 28.8.2019 09:35:35

Cartographers of North Korea :: 북한의 지도 제작자

An analysis of the OpenStreetMap data in North Korea: Who are the contributors?

severak 9.5.2019 17:14:13

Clean Africa, dirty Middle East

On the other hand, we're running into the same problem mentioned above again. Big institutions, even if they include you and me, are nameless/faceless. These CEOs are picked to run and represent their companies. Perhaps they should get used to a new job: being the lightning rod for our growing concern about global warming. The Decolonial Atlas, which published this map, quotes U.S. folk artist and labor organizer Utah Phillips: "The earth is not dying, it is being killed, and those who are killing it have names and addresses."On that list is your name and address, and mine; because we could all do a lot more. But not nearly as much as these 100 people. Let this map be an invitation to acquaint ourselves with their intentions, good or otherwise.

severak 10.1.2019 12:14:50

old map of Cardiff

Came across this old map of Cardiff (late 1950’s) with a radial coordinate system I’ve not seen before

severak 5.11.2018 12:28:15

Apple’s New Map

Has Apple closed the gap with Google’s map?

severak 22.10.2018 10:08:20

In praise of insets

Sky News reports on the Scottish politician Tavish Scott (real name) as he proposes a ban on maps that use an inset to show Shetland. Utter...

severak 22.10.2018 09:48:43

Harnessing Openstreetmap, Automation, and Industrial Laser Cutters to Engrave City Maps onto Wood

An ongoing art project of mine to carve maps of cities into wood. I use Openstreetmap data, ArcMap, Adobe Illustrator, and an industrial laser cutter to etch out various US cities onto birch plywood. I finish them with a bit of colored ink to depict water and greenspace areas (parks, forests, etc.)

severak 21.10.2018 15:37:07

Satellite imagery for journalism: Why a picture is worth a thousand words


severak 15.10.2018 15:51:56

Athelstan Spilhaus

Le monde selon A.

severak 14.9.2018 09:31:50

Advice From a Geographer: Put Away the Map


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